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Response of Juntas and Portal de la Izquierda to the Call for of Advancing of Women’s Solidarity

Call for of Advancing and Increasing Visibility of Women’s Solidarity on 20th of June World Refugee Day from Platform for Struggle for Women Held Captive by Force

Dear Women from all around the World;

We regard the sexist occupation practices of Daesh, that is to say practices of systematic sexual torture, rape, enslavement, rendering odalisques, that codifies the women’s bodies as a patriarchal war and ownership zone, as a patriarchal imperialist attack against all women from all around the world.

In addition to this, we come across systematic rape and other forms of sexual violence as founding components of the genocide politics of Daesh against Yazidi people. Around 5000 women and girls, many of whom are Yazidis, who are kidnapped by Daesh as spoils of war are repeatedly sold at slave and odalisques markets and are held captive in a large geographical area that includes Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Turkey.

Some women, that put up an extraordinary struggle and manage to escape, have been joining the self-defense units to defend and free their geographical areas. Women that question the persecution they have faced, participate in political processes, exercising their right to self-defense, are struggling for embracing the women that lost their lives during the attacks and to ensure freedom of women that are held captive; they are, above all from gender roles that the patriarchal world order has casted them as victims, refugee women striving to live by at camps, and they are rebuilding life.

As Platform for Struggle for Women Held Captive by Force; we dedicate this 20th of June World Refugee Day to the glorious resistance of women in the Middle East rewriting the fate of displacement. We are appealing to you to do the same.

We would also appreciate greatly if you can organize concurrent protests, activities and if you can send us your written and visual messages of solidarity on the 20th of June. We will ensure that the messages of solidarity will be shared with women of Kurdistan, Middle East and all around the world through the meetings and the media.

Long live women’s solidarity!

Platform for Struggle for Women Held Captive by Force*

* KJA is a constituent of the platform that was established in order to raise awareness in Kurdistan and in the Middle East about Daesh occupation and its sexist aspects, to advance and to mobilise women’s organization.


To the Platform for Struggle for Women Held Captive by Force

Dear Women,

We have received the Call for of Advancing and Increasing Visibility of Women’s Solidarity on 20th of June World Refugee Day from the Platform for Struggle for Women Held Captive by Force. We, Brazilian women, would like to express our solidarity to the fight being held by combative yazidi women against imperialist war and the patriarchy. Women are the most affected in the bloody war undertaken by Bashar Al-Assad’s autocracy backed up by Russian imperialism on one side; by yankee imperialism thirst for oil on the other; and also by the brutal Daesh occupation against which the women’s resistance in Kobane and Rojava inspires other women all around the world.

In Brazil we have recently gone through an intense wave of women mobilizations against rape culture and the naturalization of violence after the report of some gang rape cases. Thousands of women around the country have been on the streets agains patriachal codification of women as second class human beings. This outrage has led to a greater awareness of women’s leading role and occupation of political spaces as the only way to overcome this injustice.

We would like to greet the platform’s initiative, particularly Free Women Congress, for stimulating women’s self-organization to fight for emancipation. We share Melike Yasar’s words at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre: “Women do not have any role in the revolution. They are the ones that make the revolution. Men do have a role in it and need to learn that without the self-liberation of women neither will they be free”.

We express our support to the resistance of refugee women and their organization for self-defense. The fight for the lives of women and their self-determination spreads over all borders, a message that we have a duty to support.

Feminist and internationalist greetings,



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