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Everyone who voted for a change on April 10 watches with concern the second round of Peru’s presidential elections. Either citizens choose between two evils or they void their vote. Many compatriots who supported Veronika Mendoza wonder now what to do in this dilemma.

The decision is complicated because both candidates share the same economic model and the same political regime inherited from the Fujimori government. Both candidates represent the interests of big foreign and domestic capital and both are a threat to national and popular interests.

However we alert that the worst that could happen is Peru going back to the hands of Fujimori. Fuerza Popular has already absolute control of the Congress, and taking charge of the Executive would be enough to immediately do the same with other state institutions, such as the Controllership, the judiciary, the prosecutors, the Constitutional Court and even the National Electoral Jury (JNE), which has shamelessly worn the orange shirt in these elections.

Fuerza Popular is the political expression of Fujimorismo, characterized by authoritarianism, corruption, dictatorship and the mafia, who does not hide its intention to perpetuate the family dynasty in power. The Fujimori family does not have ethical boundaries and will appeal to all means in their power to achieve their purposes.

Recently, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) pointed out that Joaquin Ramirez, Fuerza Popular’s general secretary, is involved in money laundering from drug trafficking. It demonstrates that the presence of drug trafficking in Peruvian politics can be expanded with the return of Fujimorismo. Keiko Fujimori can install a narco-state in Peru, as she is surrounded by this kind of dealer.

The investigations on unlawful enrichment which compromise Keiko Fujimori’s surroundings show not only the obscure origins of her funding but are also evidence that the money stolen by her father has been directed to pay for Fuerza Popular’s multimillionaire campaign and manufacture a group of nouveau riche who oddly end up supporting  the party’s finances.

In such conditions, Frente Amplio considers crucial to stop Fujimori mafia’s path, calling a vote against Keiko. We are the most tenacious opposition to narco-politics and corruption represented by Fujimorismo. We are firmly contrary to the return of authoritarianism and defend the democratization of State and society in the protection of fundamental democratic rights.

FA disapproves the voiding of the vote, as it enables the return of Fujimorismo. However, we respect those who express their rejection that way. We only call for this vote to be aware and well-informed.

In no way our decision means a political endorsement to PPK. In this second round the the vote is on a tactical ground, which does not pu us far from our strategic goal: to build a new economic model and a new constitution.

Whoever wins on June 5 will have our opposition. In the Congress and in the streets, with our parliamentary bench, together with the people we will fight for fundamental democratic, national, social and environmental rights that neoliberalism plans to plunder. Frente Amplio commits to promoting a constituent process discussed together with the Peruvian people, a new program of changes for the country.

We invite the citizens who supported us to join this effort of making Frente Amplio a broad, united, democratic instrument of struggle so that we can get to the government.

No to narco-state! No to Keiko!


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