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Marea Socialista’s National Headquarters Raided [VENEZUELA]

Marea Socialista’s National Executive Group

Friday June 10th Marea Socialista’s National Headquarter was raided around 11 a.m. A heavily armed comission of officers from the CICPC [Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y Criminalísticas – Police Division for Scientific and Criminal Investigations] bursted into this political organization facilities with a warrant signed by Judge Denisse Bocanegra Díaz, who authorizes the raid acoording to Process Nº 9 C S-1.329-16 A , as requested by the prosecution 123 from Public Ministry.

Without further explanation, neither informing the process content, nor justifying such weapon display, the officers left half an hour after their entrance, finding nothing they supposedly searched for.

Because of the unjustified and disproportionate operation, Marea Socialista considers this fact a serious violation of political liberties, which already are very restricted in the country.
The National Executive Group of the organization reminds that is not the first time it has been pressed. Retaliations, threats, privacy interference, dismissals and restrictions to social and political rights of MS’s leaders and activists have taken place for the last 3 years, facts which have increased in the last 6 months.

One of the most shameful examples, in which five of the State Powers were involved, is the obstruction to the beginning of MS’s political legalization process. While Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) [National Electoral Council] refused the required name, Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) [the Supreme Court] procrastinates the claim against CNE’s arbitrary decision and the Public Ministry, in a semifeudal interpretation of the law, ventures to judge that MS cannot use the name “Socialista” because according to the designated Prosecutor, it is not (?), an argument that not only is totalitarian but also ridiculous. While that happened, a strong retaliation, disqualification and political persecution campaign was launched from the Executive and former Asamblea Nacional’s presidency, using all of the State’s media.

The rapid spread of outrage that meant the raid, prompted a call to leaders of Marea Socialista by the director of the CICPC, in which he said: first, he was unaware of the operation and asked for explanations (?) . Then, in a subsequent call, tried to justify the cause for which the raid was conducted had no relation to MS. We reject this justification for the following reasons:

1. The raided building has been Marea Socialista’s national headquarters for three years, it is identified with flags and banners of the organization, political activities taking place in that space are public, most of them open to anyone who wants to participate and publicized by the media. It has hosted, in addition to the activities of the organization, Press Conferences, seminars, workshops and all kinds of activities.

2. The raid was carried out with a warrant signed by a judge ordered by a prosecutor. Police officers are identified in it, and it was issued four days before being executed. The size of the operation, the menacing display of weapons, the intimidating deployment, have in our opinion the clear aim to intimidate and limit political and citizen rights established in the National Constitution.

3. As demonstrated above it is not an isolated action. Neither against Marea Socialista alone, it is part of the attacks daily suffered by others who defend or claim their rights. It is the installation of an authoritarian trend that has been developed by the government, which moved to the actions of security forces. Trend in almost all cases supported by sectors of the judiciary, support also given by officials of the Public Ministry and other powers of the State and network media under government control.

As we have mentioned in Editorials, articles, opinion columns, interviews, meetings and all means available to us, the same State of Emergency declaration is a new coup to democracy and in this context we place such actions. As it is also the sanction of the Arco Minero decree, which besides representing ecocide means a miserable surrender of sovereignty and resources to transnational corporations and illegal restriction of social, labor, economic and political rights in the special area it covers.

It is also authoritarian the disrespectful treatment to citizens forced to make humiliating queues for basic survival items. Arbitrary rationing and cuts or suspension of basic services, daily militarization of cities. As are the obstacles, maneuvering and cheats to the possibility of using one of the most advanced political rights of our constitution as it is to recall elected officials. Just as the major constraint to food and health that suffers the most needy people.

Facing this attack Marea Socialista declares: As members of the Bolivarian project bastardized and manipulated by the current leadership of the PSUV and the government, we will continue in our struggle. Denouncing corruption and impunity, revealing the anti-popular nature of the measures being implemented by the government. And struggling to rebuild the demolished national project for three years of inefficiency, arrogance and cynicism.
We will continue fighting to defend our ideas, our rights and those of the population as a whole, as well as by the full observance of the Constitution. We continue to make life in our headquarters and as we have done so far, not back against threats, pressure or retaliation of which we object. We reaffirm that those headships, both the PSUV and the MUD, do not represent us, and we will continue on the path of building a new political reference. Finally: we demand a public clarification of the facts as well as Marea Socialista’s responsabilities in them from everyone responsible for this attack.

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