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PSOL shines while PT fades out

Pedro Fuentes y Leandro Fontes

Tradução: Maíra Tavares

At last the first election poll in Porto Alegre came out. Although the results had already been presumed, the press was reluctant to publish it, until last Friday’s release of Methodus survey, a serious institute linked to Correio do Povo, Porto Alegre’s top newspaper in circulation. Luciana wins in all scenarios against PT’s candidate Raul Pont, as shown in the newspaper graphs that are reproduced on PSOL’s fanpage.

Luciana reaches 20.8% and PT’s former mayor and also candidate Raul Pont gets 14.5%. The same happens in spontaneous survey, when the surveyer does not indicate the names: 10% votes for Luciana and 7% Pont. On the same day, another survey came to light in Sao Paulo. In a city that usually votes on the right, Luiza Erundina from PSOL has from 12% to 14%, while PT’s current mayor is behind her with 10%. That is, in the two cities where PT had been stronger, it is behind PSOL. There are still two major cities where PSOL features in the leadind position: in Rio de Janeiro where Marcelo Freixo, who became popular for fighting the mafia (“milícia”), as portrayed in the movie “Elite Squad 2”, and Belém do Pará, where Edmilson Rodrigues is one of the most respected politicians of the left.

These results and especially Porto Alegre, an emblematic city for the Brazilian Left as well as worldwide, leaves no doubt that we have entered a new political cycle in which the PT, has become a party of the so-called “political caste”, linked to large companies and banks, practiced systemic corruption and so is now eroded and in decline.

One day before the release of the poll, PT had just voted in the second round for the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies in Rodrigo Maia, a member of a former party from the dictatorship now called DEM, who was one of those leading Dilma’s impeachment and also “muzzle law” against PSOL so that their candidates are not to participate in broadcasted debates and have only seconds on TV. Thus the PT supported those who gave the coup and hit its own head.

In the same day we saw Joana Maranhao, the most prominent Brazilian Olympic swimmer, twitting eloquently what could be translated as: “To those who call me petista, it’s much worse. It’s real left, it is PSOL”.

Luciana has been asserting herself long ago and particularly when presidential candidate as a political figure who defends positions decidedly against the current political regime and the wealthy. She is anti-capitalist not by declaring it, but by defending it with politics, being consistent in the struggle, on the streets, in social movements and linked to working people. She converses with the latent feelings of the youth who occupied the streets and avenues in June 2013 and LGBT, women and black movements. Therefore, to be right now where she is, while suffering an “anti-PSOL bombing” and being ignored by the media is not caused by chance; it means that people are searching something new and at the same time, it is the result of her path and policy of coherence and struggle.

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