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Occupy the streets to sweep this government out!

TEMER OUT! Down with all the corrupt! Lava Jato on all of them!

Down with the adjustment: neither PEC 55, nor Pension Reform or High School Reform!

The Odebrecht constructor accusation has cornered the corrupt political caste in Brazil! They need to approve adjustment measures to please big corporations, like freezing public spending on health and education. At the same time, they must sweep all their plots under the rug – as Lower House President Rodrigo Maia tried to propose Amnesty to Slush Funding and Senateś President Renan Calheiros by refusing to leave the Senate presidency.

Temer Out. More than 63% of the population wants new elections to be called because they reject Temer. The “end-of-the-world” delation directly reaches the core of the government, the President himself, the all-mighty Renan, Alckmin, Pezão, Eduardo Paes, Serra, Jaques Wagner, and almost all the caste parties.

We need to take to the streets against corruption and adjustment. The youth needs to take to the streets against politicians’ binge. To resist and prevent them from approving reforms against the population, through an almost entirely corrupted Congress. The government’s proposal to reform social security requires that a worker contribute for 49 years to retire with full rights. A young man who starts working at the age of 20 will only retire after 70, provided he works all this time contributing to social security in a country whose life expectancy is 75 years. Still worse, women who have double and triple working hours will need to contribute as much time as men, despite the fact that they already work two or three times as much getting lower wages for that.

Those who attack labor rights and impose these reforms are the same ones responsible for blacks being the majority among the unemployed. Instead of opportunities, what is offered are State and Military Police actions – like the one that killed Yuri Silva, singer Tati Quebra Barraco’s son, and his friend Jean last weekend – actions that kill young blacks every day in the peripheries all over Brazil.

So now is the time to challenge the country’s course on the streets. Temer can not stay another minute in his chair. The scammer has his days counted.

Occupy everything! We took Brasilia on November 29th! Now we need to take to the streets all over the country. The state public servants of RJ, MG, RS are calling for large demonstrations. Starting with Rio, already this Monday (12). We have to join forces with the workers, demonstrating support for their causes. Your fight is our fight!

Day 13 is fight day! And on the 13th, we will repeat the strength of the 29th in each capital of this country! The youth that shook Brazil in June 2013, now will topple the scammer Temer and stop his setbacks!

We will not lower our flag! Just as we did in Brasilia in the face of repression, we will not retreat. Just as we escrached Renan one day before his license, we will embarass every corrupt. May the Lava Jato take all!

On the 12th we will all join public servants in Rio de Janeiro. At night, during the National Newspaper, we will make a lot of noise against Temer, the putschist!

And on the 13th we are going with all our strength to avoid the vote in PEC 55 and force the fall of the government and the corrupt caste!

The time is now! We defend general elections as a way to start a true political revolution that turns the system inside out, with new institutions, giving voice to the underdogs. Either the youth takes the future by their hands, or the government Temer will build his bridge of setbacks. The time is now!

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