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Proposed resolution to PSOL National Executive Direction meeting

Proposed resolution to PSOL National Executive Direction meeting, December 10th 2016.

  1. The press disclosure of the contents of one of Odebrecht’s first hearings last night alarmed the country. The direct involvement of Michel Temer and all from the core of his government [Eliseu Padilha, Moreira Franco, Romero Juca, Yunes] complete the general deepening of the institutional crisis. Besides that, Renan, Rodrigo Maia, Alckmin and Serra were also in the main newspapers of national circulation. The main “politicians” in Brazil are now directly involved in Operation Lava-Jato, exposed to the people as a whole.
  2. The national scenario is marked by a combination of crises. The political crisis, the institutional crisis with the conflict of powers in the case of the dispute between Renan and the Supreme Court, the economic and financial crisis that reaches profoundly the main states of the federation as Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul and the brutal social crisis that worsens the living conditions of the population as a whole. The data is alarming: there is no prediction of recovery and the economy has shrunk by 8.3% since the beginning of the current recession that has been protracted. Mass unemployment, unfavorable conditions for the working class, with dismissals of workplaces, budget cuts, payment of wages, directly affecting the end of the year for the Brazilian families.
  3. The rushing of the budget-cut Proposed Constitutional Amendment 55, condemned even by the UN, reveals the insensitivity of the government and political caste to any prospects for the future. Taking advantage of the national commotion with the Chapecoense team’s tragedy, the corrupt Senate approved in the first round, the spending ceiling that creates a real austerity for areas such as health, education and security.
  4. The announcement of the social security reform was one of the biggest attacks on workers since the country’s re-democratization. In addition to raising minimum retirement time, the problem of broadened contribuition time, this is a hard blow against the working class in general, especially working women, who serve double and triple work journeys.
  5. Parallel to that, the crisis that led to a conflict between Renan and Supreme Court Minister Marco Aurélio Mello’s proposal, who granted an injunction in favor of his resignation from the Senate presidency. This occurred at a time when Renan was leading the attempt of the political caste to amnesty slush funding, disfigure the anti-corruption measures and thus constrain Lava-Jato’s investigations, intimidating Public Prosecutors Office. The outcome of this crisis demonstrated the weight of the caste, in a grand agreement to keep Renan, to vote the adjustment and to preserve the Senate. This agreement involved Jucá, Supreme Court Minister Gilmar Mendes and other ministers from the Court, who demoralized themselves by voting for the keeping Renan in his place. It also involved PT’s Senator Viana in defense of the “unity” of the upper class to approve the adjustment and stifle the Lava-Jato Operation.
  6. It is indisputable that Operation Lava-Jato is responsible for the decisive instability in the country. Former Rio de Janeiro’s governor’s arrest (Sérgio Cabral) was celebrated by the mass movement in Rio; His gang begins to be dashed, with several of his secretaries going behind bars. The revelation that Alckmin would be the “saint” acronym of the Odebrecht delation spreadsheet also touches the PSDB’s side, dragging the three largest fractions of the party caste to the center of discussion of illicit financing and kickback schemes in state-owned enterprises and in the construction of large works: PMDB , PT and PSDB.
  7. The popular resistance to adjustment measures is still fragmented. The adjustment is very hard and urgent for the ruling classes. The November 29th demonstration, despite having been shown as a great day of struggle and resistance against the PEC 55, did not have an immediate continuity. The government needed to impose its agenda and put into practice in the States the policy of fiscal adjustment in addition to measures that disfigure the anti-corruption package, thus threatening the continuity of Lava Jato investigations.
  8. The concept that the Lava-Jato Operation is nothing more than an operation of “agents of imperialism” not only does not properly arm the tasks of the period but is also responsible for the growth of the right on the streets, delivering once more in the hands of the right a slogan of struggle that has always been our greatest weapon against capital. It is necessary to make a fight without truces against the right, be the right that governs or the one that seeks to take the streets. We agree when PSOL MP Chico Alencar says that “attempts to stifle Lava-Jato will grow.” We must avoid the “stagnation of the Lava-Jato’s bleeding” as the caste verbalized through Jucá. The PSOL MPs correctly vocalized, along with the Rede’s, more than once, the denunciation of the approval of the amnesty to slush funding. Also PSOL took a correct position in voting against the amendment that limited the power of prosecutors and judges .
  9. The struggle of Rio de Janeiro’s public employees demonstrates the social polarization, sometimes confused, dispersed, but still combative. The fight against Pezão’s package has obtained some partial victories and the climate is of tension for the December 12th demonstration, where we can have confrontations around State Council; The scene of two police officers withdrawing from the shock troops to join in the demonstration expresses that we must act in the crisis, in the contradiction of the low officialdom of the civilian police, military and firemen who also mobilize in other states.
  10. PSOL’s place is to support the struggles, denounce all the corrupt and play an active role in the conjuncture. We need to take advantage of the reference of our public figures with the social influence that the Party has in Rio de Janeiro, our city councilors, deputies and militancy. Strengthening the slogan of Temer Out together with the fight against corruption, including in the slogan “All the corrupt out”. The government is illegitimate in the face of democratic representativeness and is no reference in the fight against corruption. To unify together with Temer Out the fights against the adjustment, against the pension reform will be fundamental to even reinforce PSOL’s request for Temer’s impeachment. For this our way out should put the urgent need to defend an agenda of “General Elections Now”, putting the decision on the hands of the people. Together with this we must broaden the programmatic debate of a political and economic exit from the crisis with measures that respond to popular needs.
  11. PSOL should have as slogans for struggles and for society in general:

-Temer Out! Renan and all the corrupt out!

– Lava Jato through the end for all corrupt

– Strengthening of the Indignation Struggle against States adjustment, in RS, RJ, MG etc.

– Freezing of the pension reform, PEC 55 and the High School Reform

– General Elections Now!

  1. The Party should convene a press conference, with Marcelo Freixo, Luciana Genro and others to expose to the whole country our positions and our exit to the crisis.

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