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Por Evelyn Minowa

The cauldron with history is boiling right now. Across all continents the expressions of youth and workers’ indignation has popped even more intensely.The world is crossing across a crisis that, from and economical one, has become social, environmental, and political too.
The youth can’t handle anymore the promise of “get there” Trough individual labor. We have already realized that, in this system’s trade balance the scales are totally uneven to big businessman ,Banks and enormous corporations. While 99% of the population suffers with worsening living conditions, with higher prices of food and basic services, without revaluations of wages; with rising unemployment and, as consequence, precarious jobs; with attacks on our basic rights, such as healthcare, public transportation and also labour’s rights. All this is and what’s name? And whose?
A lot of youths, from various countries around the world are rebelling and putting themselves in the front line of rupture against this model and logic of old style politics, static, closed and anti-democratic.
This youth has proposed and provided themselves to build alternatives for us to survive in this chaotic and absolutely amazing world.
We’ve seen, in 2016, at France, thousands of young people and workers have a occupied they squares at “Nuit Debout”( Standing Night),from the rebellion against the labour’s rights reform,and was followed by a new sharing and organization of collective indignation’s experience
At Greece, General strikes are happening to show the population’s dissatisfaction about the measures taken and consequence of the seriouseconomical crisis that is rushing through Europe
At South Africa college students have stand trough strong repression in the weekly mobilizations demanding free higher education for all
That is resistance and will defy also at Latin America. At Chile The youth stand strong in the pressure to ensure the implementation of public, free, and universal higher with students participation in it’s formulation
At Mexico the fight inpublic education’s defense was striking in 2016 too. Against an education reform would privalist content,dozens of manifestations were build by students, teachers and families. Sadly, eighth teachers from Oaxaca State where murdered by the police during the repression  in manifestations
At Argentina the youth and the education workershave a march to standby The public investments in universities, against an budget chop which could come to scrap and even close some courses
At Paraguay, College students and high school students have taken universities, Skousen streets to standby quality and public education. With their’s mobilization’s strength, wow endorsed by public opinion, parents and teachers, they’ve taken down corrupt Dean and minister and have taken important negotiations with the government
At Peru, hundreds of thousands of people, we high protagonist of the youth have taken the streets to shout that the people have memory and in historical marches have protested against Keiko Fujimori’s run, daughter off the former dictator Alberto Fujimori, to presidency
And even inside imperialism’s heart, 2016 have bring important news. USA’s presidential run were one of the biggest happenings of the year. We’ve come to meet Bernie Sanders, The older in age but young in mind senator, Who have cheered up a whole sector of the population,Who wore tired of all the politics of the Republican and then Democrat’s two-party system. He didn’t win the Democratic primaries,But has the project which convince most of the youth. Hillary wasn’t able to beat Trump, and the immediate reaction was dozens of protests across the country at the postelection weeks, sending a message to the xenophobic, sexist, and racist mega businessman, that even being elected US’s president, he will face a lot of resistance
It’s also at US that dozens of manifestations and confrontations have stopped the country to shout that”Black lives matter”, in response of several deaths caused by racism and policial Violence
Women came hard on 2016, taking in their hands the future, fighting against sexism, in their right’s defense.with meet the Kurdish woman that have self organize of themselves in the front of women combatants to defend their lives, their people and their territory from ISIS and the authoritarian States which wish to Rule above de Kurdish people. We’re impacted by the “Ni Una Menos” manifestations at Argentina, Nicaragua, Chile, Peru andMexico, which have bring together hundreds of thousands of women around the Latin America , In defense of their bodies, and their lives.National strikes were organized at Argentina and Poland in defense of women’s lives, against violence, feminicide and against approval off even more restrictive legislation about the abortion issue.
There is a lot of fighting and resistance spread around the world.But, since the capitalism is in world wide enemy, It’s up to us to be able to get together to stand against the barbarism that is imposed to us by this system who enslaves us. We will break the chains that impression of us making the International connection of our fights stronger. for this reason, we propose the (Inter) National camp of fighting youth, At Brazil!
Brazil, that is boiling and has unstable regime since 2013, when the June journeys explode, showing that the people cannot handle things like they are. Since, indignation and initiative of Brazilian youth to fight for their rights, Which have been severely attacked, have grown not protests against the world football cupand the Olympics have  revealed the abandon them and chaos that are some states, such as Rio de Janeiro. The rebellion against blatant and deep corruption defined by the major parties, compromised The electoral system, important assets of our economy such as Petrobras and revealing the without scruples market that the Brazilian politics has become.The economical crisis  that the coup government once to face adjusting on the people, chopping investments am spending ceilings at social areas, social Security reform and smaller labour’s rights. The authoritarianism and neglect  with education of the governments provoke The even more deep scrap of schools, universities and public education. To all of this, the youth have reacted. they have occupied Schools,streets and universities, showing that they are eager to have to voice and their turn, that They know and demand all their rights and will not give up without put up a fight
This youth from all around the world are connected in there fighting. And they have a task to accomplish in the history that we put the international camp fighting youth at service of this task, As a great 22 lower or distances and relativise our borders. If they will not let us to dream, we will keep them from sleep!

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