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PSOL´s Feminist Benches Statement in support of the Women’s March on Washington

During the US election campaign, thousands of women were outraged by Donald Trump’s unacceptable sexist statements, coupled with harassment allegations. In addition to racist and xenophobic statements and attempts to restrict the right to abortion, women – and especially young, black and immigrant women – are now the main opposition force of the president-elect.

Trump made a number of sexist offenses throughout the campaign: he advocated that women who get abortions should be punished, attacked all those who do not fit the white / skinny standard of beauty (he even called a Miss Universe a “fat pig”), suggested his opponent would be incompetent countless times for the fact of being a woman; not to mention other serious attacks as the unaccetable promise of building a wall on the Mexican border suggesting that Latinos are criminals, rapists and drug dealers; The questioning of the fact that Obama was actually born in the US because of his Kenyan ancestry; Besides proposing the banishment of Muslims and the surveillance of mosques, associating this religion with “terrorism”.

Called by social networks, hundreds of thousands of women are confirming their presence at the Women’s March on Washington (WMW) on Januery 21st. The idea is to demonstrate that women are aware and will be the main obstacle to Trump and conservative Congressman who try to take down our rights. Equal pay for equal work, access to public health and education, end of gender-based violence, combating racism and xenophobia, respect for gender identities and sexual orientation are some of the demands voiced in the march.

The idea has spread rapidly and there are already over 270 related marches being called in other cities of the country and even in other countries, a sign that the women´s struggle has grown all over the planet.

Since 2015 women’s movement in Brazil has been rising against conservative politicians who try to restrict our rights. Women from PSOL are very proud to have endorsed a “Women’s Spring” and gone on the streets, strengthening feminist ties in all its diversity: black women, indigenous women, younger and older women, student women, working and unemployed women, mothers and those who reject compulsory maternity, lesbian women and trans women, all in unison understand the need to unify the voices against the threats to our bodies and our lives.

From Brazil, where we fight hard against Temer and his illegitimate and corrupt government, PSOL Feminist Benches express all solidarity with women who fight for more rights and dignity, and our repudiation of Trump’s arbitrariness! Women’s struggle is international!

Counselour names and their cities:
Áurea Carolina – Belo Horizonte (MG)
Cida Falabella – Belo Horizonte (MG)
Fernanda Garcia – Sorocaba (SP)
Fernanda Melchionna – Porto Alegre (RS)
Fernanda Miranda – Pelotas (RS)
Mariana Conti – Campinas (SP)
Marielle Franco – Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Marinor Brito – Belém (PA)
Sâmia Bomfim – São Paulo (SP)
Talíria Petrone – Niterói (RJ)

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