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19th Editorial: What comes now: Turbulent social and political fight times

19th Editorial – April the 5th of 2017

What comes now: Turbulent social and political fight times

 Marea Socialista’s National Operations Team

The almost instantly regret of the Supreme Court to cut out the constitutional road opened a new scenario in the country. This wasn’t the first or only antidemocratic attempt. Unfortunately, it won’t be the last either. In this case, president Maduro and most of the PSUV’s leadership clashed to their own weakness, based on the popular and massive people’s reject to their government, built during three years of political counter-reforms and an economic counterrevolution. They had to regret, for now, the attempt to eliminate other rights and guarantees of the Constitution. It’s good to have clear that this regret is a partial regret, since the controversial (Supreme Court) resolutions (155 and 156) are still valid, as well as all the specific points that give the executive power the permission to make unconstitutional and conceding decisions over the oil and mining resources, among other economic conceding decisions to the International Financial Capital, as others. It is also currently valid the structure that puts solid limits to the political rights expressed in the Constitution by the permanent State of Emergency that our country lives, among other limitations.

In this particular case, the right action of the General Attorney Luisa Ortega Díaz of making a statement pointing that the Supreme Court sentences broke the constitutional path, have shown the world the totalitarian drift that Maduro’s government took as a State policy, and did with the sordid company of the accomplice and pleasant Supreme Court. Now even more, they have shown to everyone’s eyes a political fracture in the official chavismo that was hidden until today. Now it has come out to the surface the social discomfort towards the government, from a substantial and majority group of the PSUV and the process followers, that so far was being held by the fear and threats. A minor but important fact of what we say is the participation of Redes in the protests, a GPP party that has been recently proscribed because of the maneuver of demanding the renewal of all political parties, rejecting the Supreme Court’s sentences and supporting the General Attorney’s decision that Marea Socialista called with the Plataforma en Defensa de la Constitución (Platform for the Defense of the Constitution). The fracture in the leadership of the chavismo in front of everyone’s eyes, and the (line) enforcement that their followers are given, are the political news of the juncture that has started.

 The government’s totalitarian offensive that has been stopped for now, is the direct consequence of the necessary counterrevolutionary and Bonapartist transformation of the Bolivarian Constitution’s political system, to apply the conceding economic plan represented by the Arco Minero del Orinoco (Orinoco Mining’s Belt) but is extended to all the economic activities described in the terrible “15 (economic) motors” and in the Special Economic Areas. That so, the economic stars actors are, along with the mining transnationals, oil and financial companies, are the local members of the great capital as the Vollmers and Cisneros (known Venezuelan bourgeois families) among many others. This conceding, non popular and antinational consequences of hunger, misery and relinquish of sovereignty, can only stay hold over the base of a totalitarian and repressive political system, that to be legit needs the opposition corrupted MUD’s leadership as a back up tire of the conceding plan.

Other news that left this coup attempt are: the so far stopped new “miniature coup” as named by Karl Marx in the “The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte”; the defensive role that the government has, the starting phase of unknown length in which will prevail the instability and the political crisis; the authoritarian and repressive counteroffensive attempts of the government; the social protests in the streets to stop the attacks to the salary, the food, health and all the social and economic achievements that our people got in the past; and most importantly, the possibility of developing a political struggle to recover the rights, liberties and guarantees that have been violated.

We got into a new interregnum, where the weakness of the madurista leadership will lead to their own exhaustion, to act with a indiscriminate repression in their defense and where progressively people has started to lose the fear to the criminal arrogance of that leadership.

 The doubts on the probable people’s answers must be stepped aside. We should trust the people that have been abused, overwhelmed and made anxious by three consecutive years of hunger, misery and attacks to their living conditions and rights. But we also should stimulate them by showing them the government’s weakness, treason and manipulation. We should give them time so they can proof that they weren’t defeated by the corrupt and traitors of the positive side of Chavez legacy.

At the same time that this text is being written, the MUD is developing street actions that are violently repressed. We stand by what must be as the respect towards the legitimate right to protest, mobilization and demand of every social and political faction, without any conditions. However we are obliged to alert the popular people that support this direction that:

The MUD’s leadership on their own, will act as they have been acting so far. They will make it easier by action or omission, the government’s actions. It is in their nature, in the neoliberal and relinquishing essence, to insist in the support of the interventionist Democratic Letter, that reflects their undercover contempt towards a true democratic solution to the actual crisis. The MUD’s leadership, although it says it fights the government, is actually a structure that fits into the authoritarian regime, lovers of the oil rent and its patronage that the executive power has built.

The MUD’s lack of program and political proposals to stop the economic crisis and to build a national project, its direct participation in the renewal of the political parties (in which only big structures win with the support of lots of financing), an also, its acceptance to the antidemocratic conditions set by the CNE (National Electoral Council), all prove their adaptation and will to fight by the division of the oil revenues.

In this new scenario those old politicians will seek to win in the streets, but they will do it with a double purpose: a) to recover the electoral support that they lost in 2016 because of their pusillanimous answer to the government’s violations and their capitulation to the dialogue tables; b) to maintain an electoral model in which only them, besides the PSUV, take part in it, leaving by the side those organizations that as Marea Socialista and as many others, are in for a real democratic recovery. This model does not count on a significant group of people that won’t feel represented by any of those two leaderships.

That is the reason of why in their rallies, statements and pseudodemocratic speeches are totally functional to the establishment of a new political regime, even more authoritarian that the one in the IV Republic and very similar to the one that the government wants to impose.

The tasks that we expect for 2017 on our 18th Editorial has now being accelerated with the unconstitutional attempt of the Supreme Court and its partial stand back. We ratify on the first place the fight against the totalitarian attempts and our demands for the full binding of the established democratic rights.

We demand also, the total ban of the sentences 155 and 156. The elimination of the State of Emergency statements that are nothing but antidemocratic Exception States. The full liberties and rights of all the political parties to be legal and exist, by ratifying in fact the currency of the political parties that participated on the 2015 elections and facilitate the inscription of the new ones.

We demand the full restitution of the National Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: not only the political rights, also the economic and social rights that were profaned.

To confront on a independent way the old leaderships from the PSUV and MUD with policies supporting the people that live from their work, we urge all the factions with whom we have worked so far to give urgent steps to stand out the new political reference that we need, democratic, plural, anticapitalist, ecologist, feminist…

The totalitarian attempt has been stopped by now, turbulent times are coming, but the most important is that these are also times for political and social struggle, potentials scenarios for the people’s victory.


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