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Statement against the intervention and in defense of the people’s sovereignty

April the 8th of 2017

Statement against the intervention and in defense of the people’s sovereignty

Marea Socialista deeply rejects the threats of admirant Kurt Tidd, from US Southern Command, who cleared that “The growing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela could eventually compel a regional response.”, those words represent a war warning coming from the highest US military functionary to Latin America. They dare to accuse Venezuela to be an instability focus on the region, when US imperialism is the greatest actor of instability in the hole planet.

The US acts motivated by the hegemonic purpose of holding the growing presence of other “multipolar” up coming imperialisms that act on the region, that represents for them -both the US and their european partners- a threat to their criminal and selfish interests.

We raise our voice with the Venezuelan people, and denounce to the people of the world the terrible role that the US pretends to keep executing in the name of their criminal and selfish interests. With the solidarity from other Latin America people, and with all the attacked people, we should scream to the US government that the supposed “help” for this country, does not consist in anything but death, the chaos and sack of nations. ¡Off the hands of the US from Venezuela and Latin America!

The political or armed US intrusion, in any place, does not contribute to solve any problem, on the contrary, it multiplies exponentially the people’s harsh and disgraces, it deepens the oppression, generate the worst atrocities and terror expressions; is used as an excuse to snatch. That is proven by their history of invasions and all the disaster that they generated in Iraq, Libya, Syria… just to mention some of their last performances.

The US is not the one who can solve the “instability” and “humanitarian crisis” that “worries” them so much in the Venezuelan case, they also don’t have any right to mess around in the business of a Sovereign People. The keys to solve our problems are in the hearts of the own Venezuelan people and in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the one that we gave ourselves democratically and in a revolution, if only we faithfully stick to what is stated on it.

Tidd’s statements, the ones that coincidentally appear with the controversial resolution approved by 17 OAS’s delegations, take part of the “carrot and stick” approach, in which the capitalism’s interests try to solve all the matters concerns power control and power persons businesses, without taking into account the true participation and people’s will.

However, we think that the defense of our Sovereignty as a principle, refers to the People’s Sovereignty and not to the governments or other political partialities cravings that ignore the citizenship. To defend the Venezuelan nation and people does not mean to defend the actions of a government.

We have a government that violates the people’s sovereignty and keeps us under a State of Emergency and voting suppression, while it applies an economic package that releases the crisis over the people’s shoulders and pull them to hardships. All this provoked by the nation’s embezzlement that the government won’t confront and gives priority to the payment of an illegal and corrupt debt, over the food and medication needs of the people.

We don’t embrace Sovereignty as the support of all that. We don’t embrace that the defense of Sovereignty obligates us to support a government that trample on it by conceding and destroying the vital area of the wrongly named Arco Minero del Orinoco (Orinoco Mining’s Belt), re-privatizing the nation’s natural resources with mixed companies created in joint with transnationals or making Special Economic Areas for their plan to install maquilas. We shall not forget that in today’s economic distribution, China and Russia align into the forms that the imperialisms take. That is the reason to defend the country of interventionism, and we demand to rectify those conceding policies.

On the other side, the own government -the heads in charge- far away from stepping aside the danger, seems to fuel the interventionist risk with reckless actions, just because this scenario allows them to manipulate and to justify their authoritarian and non-democratic actions in the middle of this crisis. We demand more and not less democracy so we can get out of this situation!

In the case of the MUD’s leadership, they have always seemed to lay on imperialism to dispute the power in their service, and they already got their support for the adventures on the days of April’s 2002 and the oil strike-sabotage. But today the MUD is not against the Revolution or against Chavez supporters, it is against a bureaucracy and a neo-burgeois sector, with which they both dispute and make deals with the political power the oil and business revenues. We urge all of those political parties and leaderships to reject the interventionist Southern Command’s threat in front of the people.

Between both, the MUD’s and government’s leaderships, we get into a situation where the independent powers and institutions won’t recognize themselves and throw coups and countercoups between them, using the people as cannon fodder meanwhile they destroy all the traces of the real popular power. That is the reason why we insist that the Sovereignty isn’t in any of these actors, but in the people that lives from their work and through the application and respect to the Constitution. That is the Sovereignty that we stand for, not the one of the usual exploiters of thieves that pretend to be our new masters.

If the leadership, of what once was a revolution, loses the consciousness and distort the principles that we have defended since 1999 and before since Bolivar, it would already be left unarmed in front of any invasion threat, because it already lost out its principles and has only left but jingles. With this they have broken the necessary people’s unity to fight for our independence. That unity can’t be towards the actual government’s attitude that is eliminating all the people’s social, democratic and sovereign achievements of our revolution. No! We don’t need an Intervention or a Coup!

The people can’t follow the right wing opposition that simulates an intention to restore democracy and welfare, under the insolent US imperialism.

The people’s unity against the foreign and imperialism threats is no longer towards the government’s leadership, the one that became into an unmoral bureaucracy. The true patriotic unity is only possible if we gather our fights to recover our rights, of food and medicines, of public pensions, of a decent salary, of our welfare level, against the repression, against corruption, against conceding the nation’s resources. That the ones who provoked the crisis should be the ones who pay for it: the bureaucracy and the capitalists. So we won’t be trapped by these two actors’ manipulations, Marea Socialista presents the urgency to build a new political reference that breaks the MUD-PSUV bipolarity. There will be unity to confront any external threat if we fight together as a whole, for the necessary democracy that we need to face our destiny.

Let’s get Together for the Defense of People’s Sovereignty

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