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Take the streets now: Down with Temer and his reforms! Against corruption! General elections now!

MES-PSOL National Secretariat Statement

May 18, 2017

Last night’s revelation (May 17th) of the dialogues between JBS CEO and President Michel Temer, as another stage of Operation Lava-Jato, knocked out the government in a fulminating way. The recordings involving directly Temer in the purchase of the silence of Eduardo Cunha change the political situation, put the government against the ropes and also strike Aécio Neves.

The “Fora Temer” cry echoed in the streets of the main cities of the country, with “panelaços” at night, concentrations in Avenida Paulista (São Paulo) and Brasília. For today (18), rallies are scheduled in all the capitals, as an expression of the displeasure against the corrupt government of Michel Temer.

It’s time to take to the streets. In the track of victorious General Strike on April 28th and in eve of the 100,000 march, scheduled on May 24 in Brasilia, we must continue to mobilize to overthrow Temer and fight for new general elections. We need to defend the continuity of the Lava-Jato Operation to dismantle this corrupt political system to the end. But the construction of the new can’t come from any institution of this State. Only the mobilized people can give a positive solution to the crisis. The popular mobilization and the extension of the investigations are fundamental to avoid the approval in the Congress of reactionary and anti-popular measures like the Labor and Pension Reforms.

The bourgeoisie will try to staunch the crisis with an undemocratic exit, probably with indirect elections. But the people can’t accept that their destiny is placed in the hands of this corrupt Congress.
We are in a historical moment. Without June 2013 we wouldn’t be in it. Without the Lava Jato operation either. Historical moments are those that change a country. The question is where to. Our proposal is that it must empower the workers and the people.

We defend the need to unify all political and social forces in defense of the immediate call for new direct elections for president and at all levels.
Sovereignty must be in the hands of the people. Popular, peasant, and worker organizations, professional associations and institutions representing the working population in general need to be strengthened. It is true that there isn’t strength strength or unity around a project to take control of the country. But this is our strategic goal. The crisis will not be solved without the empowerment of the people. That is why a transition policy, in addition to strengthening of self-organization and democratic mobilization, need a Popular Constituent Assembly convened with broadly democratic rules to liquidate reactionary reforms, to bury this dying political regime, and to reorganize the country with new bases .

PSOL and the social left have the historical task of broadening and strengthening the struggle to defend these flags. We must call and participate in demonstrations all around the country. We will not leave the streets until Temer falls!

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