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About Lula’s conviction – Statement MES-PSOL

Sérgio Moro convicted Lula for corruption. The judgment on this decision cannot be just legal. It’s mostly political. Legally, the process did not end. Many lawyers and jurists argue that the case of the triplex has not enough evidence for conviction. At the same time they sustain that the case of the farm in Atibaia is enough for that. Anyway the process goes on and now the judgment will be the one of the second instance.

Politically, we understand that the legal process against Lula cannot serve to prevent his presidential candidacy from being impeded by a legal decision. Lula must have the right to apply himself as candidate. Ban this right when Aecio is senator, Temer is president of the Republic, Eunice is president of the Senate and Maia is the possible successor of Temer would be totally undemocratic.

We are among those who condemn Lula politically. We believe that your government has organized corruption schemes. They were schemes combined with the defense of the great capitalists’ interests. This is clearly observed by the relations between Lula and the PT summit with contractors, with banks and with big companies like JBS. Relations those are even programmatic. After all, the policy of the PT governments was to inject public money into these sectors, honoring the “national champions” of Brazilian capitalism – in a relationship in which Lula used all his political power to promote the business of these companies at home and abroad.

That is why we opposed to PT governments from the beginning. PSOL will have its own candidacy for the presidency of the Republic. We argue that the leadership of PT and the policy it represents must be defeated. In this perspective we struggle for the defeat of the entire political caste, in which PT’s summit has integrated. That is why the PT in the Senate did not defend the condemnation of Aecio. That is why Lula allied himself with Temer and still remains allied with Renan Calheiros.

But defeating them must come from the hands of the workers, who must bet on the construction of a new alternative.

If the bourgeois caste were in prison, if it was convicted , the picture would be different. But this is not yet the picture. And this will not only happen by the action of a sector of the Judiciary, which is correctly combating corruption schemes and putting in jail a part of this mafia.

This was the case of Cabral’s PMDB. These bourgeois leaders have already been totally condemned, not just by justice. They have already been condemned by the people, since their names do not even appear in opinion polls. Even Aecio Neves, who is a corrupt senator, has also been condemned and is even worse among public opinion than he in the courts.

This is not the case with Lula, who still has support from sectors of the people. We hope that these sectors will definitely break with Lullism. Break out to move towards a new alternative and not to join the bourgeois political parties that defend the rich and privileged minority. PMDB, PSDB etc. are linked to corruption and despite this situation they continue to run the country.
The task that all workers must devote is the struggle for the overthrow of Temer. Out Temer is the demand of the day. At the same time, our “Fora Temer” demands and fights for general elections immediately, for president and for the national congress, strengthening the struggle to sweep the political caste. Without new elections, in addition to maintaining the political caste, neoliberal reforms will be approved by this corrupt and pro-bosses congress.
MES-PSOL. 7-12-2017.

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