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Editorial # 23 Marea Socialista Leopoldo, Constituent and A Plebiscite: A Pact, civil war or a return to the 1999 Constitution

Editorial Editorial # 23 of Marea Socialista has arrived to our editorial office. It analyzes the recent liberation of Leopoldo López, the situation of the Constituent Assembly proposed by President Maduro and the plebiscite recently convened by the MUD.

The text proposes a solution to the dangers of the rise of violence, and highlights the importance of the restoration of the 1999 constitution.  Furthermore, no solution will be possible if urgent measures are not taken immediately aimed at solving the problems of the most vulnerable population.

The dangers of civil war, the possibility of a pact between the government and the right wing opposition and the need to return to the Constitution of ’99 are the axes of this document that we present. Here is the full text.

Leopoldo, Constituent and Plebiscite: Pact, civil war or return to the Constitution of ’99

Editorial # 23

National Socialist Tide Operations Team

The brutal crisis of recent months is worsening at a dramatic pace.  The window of opportunity to redirect the crisis is closing, if we do not do something sooner or rather than later, then we will see an escalation of violent and dangerous confrontation.  If this madness doesn’t stop it will no longer be a question of discourse, of arguments, proposals and civil demonstrations, but rather a question almost exclusively of arms.  The leadership of the PSUV/Government with its fraudulent “constituent assembly” reinforces this path and the MUD, with its scam “plebiscite” amended in “popular consultation”, contributes to the same problem.

The assault on the National Assembly building by a group of Maduro sympathizers in complicity with the National Guard that is supposed to provide security of that precinct, and the provocation of the growing activity of groups associated with the MUD [1] are unmistakable signs that we have fully entered a situation in which violent actions and blind fanaticism will likely increase.

In this context, releasing Leopoldo López and placing him under house arrest gives the impression, and this is the impression the government wants to give, that this is the beginning to reopening the dialogue with the right wing opposition. However, that only exists on the surface. With this measure, or other similar measures that may come, are an effort to buy time, lower the level of protest or to continue to justify the brutal repression, but above all to reduce international pressure, and to achieve their objective, which is to go forward with the fraudulent Constituent Assembly. However, although impossible to rule out, it is still uncertain that from this point forward that there will be a sincere dialogue between these summits.

Actually the main concern of the Maduro government is biding its time. Time has become the largest problem for the bureaucracy which has placed much of its future in the maneuver of the fake National Constituent Assembly (ANC) as a last resort.

But what does MUD seek with its plebiscite? We must pause, even briefly, in the real objective of this dubious initiative. The key to understanding it lies in the questions included in the plebiscite[2],  and especially in the second and third questions that open the door to deepening the division of the FANB, a renewal of powers in an illegitimate manner and the installation of a so-called “government of national unity”.

Beyond the question of the constitutional validity of the plebiscite, it is necessary to say that the questions included in it reveal the fundamental objective of the consultation that the MUD plans for July 16.  These questions represent a call to divide the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, to pull one sector of it to their side, to give the illusion that the Armed forces support the MUD and the “renewed” powers that would be authorized in the plebiscite.

This plebiscite, with the same logic of Maduro’s proposal of the “Constituent Assembly”, looks to legitimize in the parliament, currently controlled by the MUD, a servile government to manage this fraction.  With the objective and the logic to install a double power, which would be the first stage to lead the country irresponsibly towards a civil war.

It would be of no use to ask some interested commentators to change the questions, because the objective would remain intact, only more masked and cynical.

In this way both the ANC and the plebiscite, renamed “Consultation”, facilitate deception and are in reality an attempt to bring the minority political polarization that is taking place between MUD and PSUV, to an armed confrontation. Confrontation in which the first victims, as it has been in sight for some time, are: the 1999 Constitution, the democracy that it postulates and true popular participation.

A year ago, Marea Socialista, the space of the Platform for Public and Citizen Audit, sectors of the struggle against the Arco Minero and other movements and groups and personalities from the civil and military sphere, set out the task of building The Citizen Platform in Defense of the Constitution, where we envisaged the current scenario as one of the likely ones. Now that we have arrived at this juncture, there are very few alternatives to civil war or a spurious pact between sectors of these summits, one being the return to the Constitution of 1999 and a dialogue that includes all political and social sectors.  We also want to warn that the time to make a non-catastrophic solution for the country is running out fast.

But why do these irrational solutions have so much sway ? What is the underlying reason that it seems that there are no alternatives to this madness?  Here we will risk a hypothesis in the face of so much uncertainty: in our opinion, external forces, that is the role of large corporations, financial capital, and imperial and mafia governments, are decisive. This role involves the dispute over control over Venezuela and its natural resources over the next 100 years, defining which of these two camps will lead the state and will manage the rent for its own benefit and above all of its own external constituents.  Both, despite their differences, are functional to international financial capital and the large extractivist corporations of the world.

Those who maintain the fable that Maduro’s government is only a victim of imperialism do not understand the political history of oil in Venezuela or of the rupture between the Chavez government and Maduro, much less the current context of global crisis of the system of capital. And if they live abroad they do not bother to study it. The special economic zones, the Arco Minero of the Orinoco, timely payment of an illegitimate foreign debt, new contracts in the Oil Belt and all that is related to the so-called 15 engines of the productive economy, are all designed to satisfy the voracity of those corporations and their plundering plan. While the plans of the MUD point in a similar idea: To confirm that it can review the economic proposals presented by the official or unofficial spokesmen of this opposition. These two sectors are fighting for control of the business administration.  Two sectors that are indifferent to the needs of regular people.

But the key question is to determine if it is possible to stop this demented course and regain a democratic path. From our perspective, the route to stop the drift toward civil war or a pact to deliver the country to misery, is based on the following points: a) Suspension of the ANC and the plebiscite. B) reinstatement of the 1999 Constitution. C) strict compliance with regional elections. D) Immediate publication of a schedule of presidential elections. E) Construction of an economic and social emergency plan that guarantees the attention of the most vulnerable sectors of the population with the resources coming from the suspension of external debt payments and others.

The reason for taking this path is that you can only stop the escalation that we are witnessing with more democracy and participation and not with more repression and violence. In this regard, along with the Platform in Defense of the Constitution, we insist the CNE to activate an abrogating referendum on the ANC’s commission bases.  Likewise we call for all to join the Conscious Mourning campaign to say: enough with the deaths! [3]

The next 20 days we will be moments of tension, increasing violence, and confusion. The criminal irresponsibility of the leadership of the PSUV / Government and the MUD, make this forecast unfortunately the most likely. As they continue to dance irresponsibly on the brink of a civil war, whose cost in deaths, sufferings and calamities will result in the suffering of our people, we will continue trying by all means at our disposal to stop this madness.

[1] Simbolizados en la juramentación el jueves próximo del Comando de la Resistencia, Según informa en su cuenta de Tuiter la diputada Delsa Solórzano perteneciente a Un Nuevo Tiempo UNT.

[2] MUD presentó las preguntas para el plebiscito http://www.el-nacional.com/noticias/oposicion/mud-anuncio-las-tres-preguntas-para-plebiscito-popular_191558

[3] Exigen al CNE respuesta urgente para revertir la iniciativa presidencial de ANC https://www.aporrea.org/actualidad/n311187.html

Translation by:  Anderson Bean

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