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JUNTOS (Brazil): We are with the Peruvian education! No to the state of emergency! #SolidariedadConElMagisterio

by Juntos (Brazil)

For 35 days Cuzco teachers are on the streets demanding better working conditions and salary. It’s been more than a month in which workers put themselves daily on the streets to demand decent working conditions and a quality education for all the people.

The struggle of the Cuzco teachers invites different sectors of society to march in defense of education, from civil construction to students’ parents, from university students to secondary school students, reverberating an important unity against the lies and false promises of the government of Pedro Pablo Kuczynsk.

In response to the mobilization, the Peruvian government (which completes one year July 28) decreed a “state of emergency”, closing the dialogue with the demand of teachers and placing the repressive force at the disposal of the state.

In Brazil, we join in solidarity with the magisterium of Cusco, in a struggle that is already spreading throughout the country (of the 24 Peruvian regions, 17 have already joined the demonstrations). We demand decent wages from teachers. A government that is willing to sit down and dialogue with Fujimori can’t refuse to sit down to dialogue with the magisterium to solve the problem of education.

The young Peruvian workers who, at the beginning of 2015, defeated the Pulpin Law, which took away their rights. They already demonstrate that it is possible to fight and win. We are together with Peruvian education!

For decent wages and quality education! #SolidariedadConElMagisterio⁠⁠⁠⁠

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