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August 2017: Portal de La Izquierda’s Newsletter (Brazil)


From Brazil, we suggest to the readers of the “Portal de la Izquierda” the texts selected below that show what conjuncture we are going through. The American continent enters a new cycle, that socialists need to understand with all their inequalities to intervene. Two recent events in this month of August point to two significant features of this new cycle: the strong anti-fascist resistance in the streets of the United States, led by leftist organizations and social movements in the United States (DSA, Black Lives Matter, ISO, IWW), a heroic national strike of teachers in Peru, against the government of PPK and outside the trade union bureaucracy of the Patria Roja, which has been leaving very rich lessons for all Latin American teachers.



In United States, resistance to fascism and intolerance takes the country’s streets 
by Mariana Riscali (MES-PSOL)

Statement on Nazi Violence in Charlottesville

Statement of the DSA National Political Committee Interim Steering Committee, August 13, 2017

After Charlottesville, we repeat: no truce for imperialism and fascism

by National Secretariat of MES-PSOL


DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) Convention: raised fist in the largest socialist meeting since World War II
by Pedro Fuentes and Mari Riscali (MES-PSOL)



AN EXEMPLARY STRIKE: Teachers from Peru overcome union bureaucracy and face PPK’s government

by Tito Prado –National Leader of Movimiento Nuevo Perú


Exclusive interview with Pedro Castillo, national leader of the teachers’ striker in Peru

by Tito Prado (MNP)



Oppen Letter to the Autonomus Left and Critical Chavism: It’s Time to Forge a New Emancipatory Movement 
by Marea Socialista National Coordinating Committee
Marea Socialista against interventionism and imperialist military threats
by Marea Socialista



The Tasks of PSOL’s 6th Congress
by Israel Dutra (National Secretariat of MES-PSOL)




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