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Catalan Chronicles – 30-S: The Spanish State against the Catalan People

Alfons Bech (Aurora) – 30/09/2017

The first victim to fall into wars is the truth. This is happening in that war between the democracy that defends the Catalan people with their right to decide and the totalitarianism of the Spanish State that refuses to recognize it and throws all its hosts “by land, sea and air.”

An example of this is how things turn upside down and all the Spanish media, from the state to the private, attack the referendum that tomorrow the Catalans will do. “El País”, for example, dedicates the whole first page to the “decisive moment of the sovereignty challenge” with a very big headline that says: “The Generalitat launches the population against the State.”

In case the media intoxication that they have been dedicating for months, but especially these last ten days, the Civil Guard is chasing and closing websites. Pages that are immediately replicated by the Generalitat. The Catalan Government has found unexpected and unusual allies, such as Julen Asange and others who think, help and give advice to overcome these cyber attacks. We are in the 21st century and this looks like a “Star Wars” where the Empire attacks a young Republic that has not yet been born.

The most commented and most horrifying spectacle of the last days is the appearance of hundreds of supposed spontaneous demonstrators who dismiss to the troops of the Civil Guard to the shouts of “To by them, oee; For them!”. It is the emerging fascism. These manifestations have been very few and in some cities of Andalusia or Castile. But, as President Puigdemont says, that action has been devised in Madrid.

The semi-fascist leader of the party ‘Citizens’, Albert Rivera, in his final act of Barcelona has also defended the plan that have already spoken and planned the PP and Citizens. The plan is to try to forcibly block Sunday’s referendum, accusing the pro-government independents of being under the orders of the CUP’s anti-capitalists. And if that does not work, move on to plan B: stop Puigdemont, Junqueras and the main leaders of the Government and the independence parties, declare a State of emergency, suspend autonomy applying article 155 and, with all the independentistas disabled or in the jail, that from the Spanish Government, or by appointing a governor for Catalonia, to convene new regional elections, where they would gain the forces that “do not want to break Spain” and would reach an agreement for a reform of the Spanish Constitution. All a coup plan. And the so-called “socialists” playing them with their support for “enforcing the law against the referendum.” Shame!

However that does not scare the Catalans anymore. On the other hand, this brings forward the awareness that there is no other way out than to vote and decide to leave this regime in full involution. Even some trade union leaders of the ICV party, the most reactive to independence and the referendum, have told me publicly that “if Catalonia achieves its independence, then I no longer want to return to Spain.” It is also the vision of opportunism, as the workers who do not want to strike for fear of reprisals but then point to the achievements of a good agreement achieved thanks to the struggle of others. There are always people like that. And in the domes, many more.

The protagonism is the people. “Alea Jacta Est”, luck is on. Firefighters made an exciting display of their LOVE DEMOCRACY banner at an event at the Museum of History. They are willing and have offered themselves to the Catalan National Assembly, to protect the acts and the authorities. Teachers are also holding assemblies. Parents, students, children, are occupying schools that are polling stations, to prevent police from entering and taking the material or interrupting voting tomorrow. The government spokesman and all media call that “using children as human shields”. In other words, for them, the Catalans vote is war. They are preparing to exercise violence and accuse Catalan society and the government that “they will be responsible for the consequences”. They will “apply the law” whoever falls.

We are in the 21st century but everything recalls the twentieth century and even earlier. Entering the Wilkipedia I was interested in reading what had happened in the Catalan revolt of the “Reapers” (the reapers) of 1640. I had it vaguely in memory, but re-reading what happened I could not help but wonder about the similarity with which they give certain things and, above all, behaviors. Spanish imperialism is still alive and the Catalans were always the main internal resistance they had. Thanks to her, Portugal was able to become independent in 1640.

We are living the story alive. We are witnessing a change that will affect not only Catalonia, but Spain and the whole of Europe. Win or lose, the struggle of the Catalans in their right to be an independent state has already laid a way. This road is that of a democratic revolution. It’s something new in Europe. If it wins, it can influence all of Europe, it can help change backward policies, trample on labor and human rights, neoliberal economic policies, poverty growth, insensitivity towards women and towards Nature. As Puigdemont said in his final campaign speech “it is time to move from the process (independence) to progress”.

Everything is point. The troops are ready. The State with its Civil Guards, Police, Judges, Prosecutors, Media liars, threatening banks. The people with their people, their grandmothers and grandparents, their children, their parents and mothers. Some have all the weapons. The others are only right. Who can do more, the force of arms or the weapons of democracy? The police state or the people? This is the challenge of the 21st century.


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