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Initiative in favor of the referendum in Catalonia driven by: Xosé Manuel Beiras, Galician political leader Martiño Noriega, mayor of Santiago Miguel Anxo Fernán-Vello, deputy of En Marea by Lugo

  • The situation in Catalonia interests us and affects us all. For the next October 1 is announced a referendum in Catalonia to exercise a legitimate right, a right recognized by the United Nations, which is accepted for many peoples of the world and which, however, is denied to the Catalan people and peoples subjected to the Spanish State.
  • Because of its historical tradition, its mobilization and its demands, the Catalan people have demonstrated that it is a nation and that it therefore has the right to decide freely and democratically its future and its relationship with the peoples that now make up the Spanish State.
  • The requirement of the right to decide is not against anyone. It is not against the working classes or territories that are part of the Kingdom of Spain. It is a democratic sign that respect and solidarity among peoples. Facing some peoples against others is the most insidious of policies.
  • Liberties are won and kept exercising. The right to strike was won by striking. Universal suffrage was a democratic conquest that involved many struggles and confrontations with the legality of that time. The current powers change the legality and the Constitution when they are interested. We defend that the Catalan people can enforce their right to self-determination.
  • We have no doubt that this majority that wants to decide would prefer to do so in a legal way and agreed with the Spanish government, but this has been denied round. Dialogue and giving voice to citizenship is the best way to solve a political problem.
  • There are alarming signs of democratic degradation in our country, there are less mechanisms for democratic control of power; elites are enriched at the expense of the impoverishment of the majority of the population; corruption has reached unbearable levels; is legislated cutting rights and now we want to prevent the right of a people to decide on their sovereignty.
  • We desire the equality of all nations and peoples and that no one may have privileges over others; That is why we defend the right of the Catalan people to vote in a referendum. Solidarity and fraternity are achieved by treating each other as equals, helping each other when necessary.
  • The Catalan sovereignty and independence movement is a peaceful, democratic and republican movement with broad popular support, born of civil society and transferred to political and social organizations. It is also a social movement that demands changes that favor the population most affected by the crisis. That is why it is an ally of all the peoples of Spain and of those who struggle to change the policies of the PP and the Rajoy government.
  • We oppose and oppose any type of judicial or police repression that may be exercised by the Spanish government against those who exercise their democratic rights and against the representatives and institutions legitimately elected by the Catalan people.
  • Those who sign this manifesto, regardless of the political choice of each one, feel committed to the right of decision of the Catalan people, we defend the call of October 1 and we support that there is maximum mobilization and participation in the referendum so that the majority will be known and respected.

First signatures in Brazil:

Luciana Genro ex diputada nacional y candidata a presidente por el PSOL en 2014

Diputado Pedro Ruas Rio Grande do Sul

Vereadores de Porto Alegre, Roberto Robaina, Fernanda Melchiona, Alex Fraga

Diputado de Rio de Janeiro Eleomar Coelho

Vereador de Rio de Janeiro David Miranda

Vereadora de São Paulo Samia Bomfim

Vereador Rio Grande do Norte Sandro Pimentel


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