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‘Marea Socialista’ defends the right of the people of Catalonia to decide their fate

National Task Force of ‘Marea Socialista’

Since the approval of the October 1 referendum, Catalonia is at the center of news in the West. Mobilizations, political debates and even an attempt of “coup d’etat” on the part of the government of Mariano Rajoy succeeded without being able to crush the will of the Catalan people to express itself on its relation with the Spanish State.

The repression on the part of the Spanish State against the people of Catalonia has convinced the hesitant ones and made to pronounce against so much arbitrariness to those who doubted or even still doubt the referendum. It is that the measures adopted by Rajoy show their true authoritarian face. Suspension of Catalan autonomy, economic control of its finances, that the Mossos [1] are led by the Ministry of the Interior, raids of public institutions and completely arbitrary detentions, but these decisions do not only affect Catalonia, prohibitions of acts by almost all Spain, among many other authoritarian measures. All this to prevent a people from expressing their will.

The brutal offensive of the Spanish State shows, by opposition, the just claim of an oppressed nationality. This is not a question of polemics about numbers, it does not matter if the call for referendum was more or less wide in the Catalan Parliament. Or it is more or less legitimate. Nor is it a matter of expressing from the outside whether or not the claim for independence expressed in the streets of Barcelona and the rest of Catalan cities is correct or timely, it is a matter of recognizing that it is a decision that is solely for the Catalan people. What is at stake here is to defend a universal principle: The right to self-determination of nationalities and oppressed peoples.

In the same way that we reject US interference in our country, Venezuela and we fight against the authoritarian advance, the suspension of referendums and elections, or the manipulation of them, by the Maduro government. In the same way that we repudiate the use of military courts to try civilians in our country. We believe that elementary democratic rights are defended for all, everywhere. That is why today we stand in solidarity with the Catalan people against the repression and aggression of the government of the Spanish State and we vindicate and unconditionally support the right of that people to decide their own fate.

In Caracas, we call to participate and accompany the call of the Foundation Pakito Arriaran in front of the Spanish consulate on Saturday 30 at 11 a.m to express our solidarity with the people of Catalonia.


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