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Rajoy and the monarchy will not pass! All support for the right to decide and the Catalan Republic! “No pasarán”


The Catalan people are in the streets facing the interference and repression coup of the Spanish government. His greatest desire is to decide whether to become an independent Republic or not. Once again, Catalonia is giving an example to the world. A few months ago, it was in Barcelona that the largest mobilization for the reception of immigrants took place. It was also in Barcelona, ​​after a cowardly ISIS attack, that tens of thousands took to the streets in repudiation of terrorism, condemning the king and President Rajoy for sending arms to the dictatorships of the Middle East.

After stifling financially the Catalan referendum, in the morning this Wednesday (20 of September), Rajoy decided to repress the Catalan independence. They surrounded the Generalitat with repressive forces and arrested at least 14 local government officials. The computer system of the administrative organs of the Catalunya was cut, headquarters of independentistas parties and of unions were besieged, demonstrations were blocked. Even so, the Catalan people did not get discouraged and continue on the streets, with starry flags and “Votaremos!” Cries, defending their right to decide.

The next days will be decisive. A popular democratic mobilization is under way and that deserves the support of all the peoples of the world. In Catalonia the democratic will of a people that wants to be independent. This struggle interests all the peoples and workers of the world. If they achieve their goals it will also be a triumph of democratic struggles against the repressive advancement of authoritarian rights and governments around the world.

It will be a knock to Trump, who takes away the rights of immigrants, plans to build a wall on the Mexican border, works to end social security in the US and is launching threats to Korea, putting all of humanity at risk. It will also be a coup against the corrupt and fraudsters Brazilian government who are taking reactionary measures against the historical and democratic achievements of the Brazilian people. Likewise, it will be a coup to Bolsonaro and to the rightist sectors of the Army that begin to speak in ‘military solution’, in case the crisis of the political castes does not stop. For Peru, a victory of Catalan autonomy will also mean a major defeat for both Fujimori and Kuzcinsky, who fear any expression of power on the streets. If the Catalans impose their legitimate will, it will also be an encouragement for the Venezuelan sectors that defend the rescue of the authentic protagonism of the Bolivarian people, in opposition to the authoritarianism of Maduro and the elitism of the MUD. In addition, if the Catalans succeed in reversing the coup of the Spanish right, the Argentine people will have more force against the Macri government and against the repression of the Mapuche in the struggle for the emergence of the young Santiago Maldonado.

It is for all this that we actively join the international solidarity to Catalonia and we call on all the combative and democratic organizations of Latin America to do the same! From Brazil, the PSOL is at the forefront of protests and mobilizations in the consulates of Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and São Paulo. Our parliamentarians disseminate positions of support to the Catalan people and debate initiatives against the repression of the Spanish government.

Let’s show Rajoy, what has just said that the referendum has no ‘international support’, how much he is cheated! La Catalunya has the right to decide and it is not any corrupt and demoralized government that will prevent it from owning its own destiny!




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