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Referendum on Catalan independence: Long Live the SI for the birth of the Catalan Republic!


Long Live the SÍ for the birth of the Catalan Republic!

This is a bulletin supporting the Catalan rebellion and its big players involved; the Catalan people, their workers and their youth, the left-wing parties, the Catalan government and especially the Trotskyist sister organizations of “La Aurora” and “Revolta Global”. We publish texts of militants of these organizations. (Miguel Salas[1], Alfons Bech[2], Jaime Pastor[3], Joseph Atentas[4])

As comrade Alfons Bech says, we are all involved in a “war between democracy that defends the Catalan people with their right to decide and the totalitarianism of the Spanish state that refuses to recognize it and throws all its hosts.” We says this “war” between the rebellion or democratic revolution on the one hand, and the reaction or counterrevolution of the monarchical authoritarianism of the other is ongoing and tomorrow Sunday in the plebiscite a great battle is played; the result is very important but the war will not end there.

The government of the Spanish monarchist regime plays all its cards. Closing the websites of the “Generalitat”; sends the Civil Guard to close the schools where they will be voting; makes a media campaign full of lies as did the fascists; imprisoned authorities and now prepares to put in jail the authorities of the Generalitat government, the Parliament and the independentist parties; encourages Falangists and Francoists to mobilize in Spain with the cry of “for them”; they count for it with the allies of the PSOE and the semi fascists of Citizens who unconditionally support to the government of Rajoy and the PP.

The Catalans are not scared. The response to authoritarianism has been rebellion, peaceful insurrection. As described in the texts, popular mobilization is expressed in many ways. The town responds with force, the authorities of the Generalitat call to the Catalans to mobilize themselves to lead multitudinous acts by the SI; full of wit teachers and parents occupy the schools where they are going to vote; the pages that are immediately replicated by the Generalitat that has found allies like Julen Asange; firefighters have been offered to the authorities to protect the acts.

We write from “outside” but with our head and our feelings “inside”, supporting as far as we can the anti-capitalist brothers and revolutionaries who are there and who play an important role in this process. All “outside” and “inside” we are learning. And surely, we will find deeper points of convergence to get closer and strengthen our ranks. With a broad unity of action and with firmness to point out weaknesses and errors as does Joseph Atentas when criticizes to We and “Catalonia em Comú” because in front of the repressive measures it supports the legitimate mobilization but does not recognize it as a referendum because it does not have the guarantees formal is not legal. “It makes no sense to embark on an a priori debate about whether 1-O lacks guarantee or not … The decisive question is to understand, as unfortunately did not make “Catalunya em Comu” and we, the need to go for it … “. We also share the position of Jaime Pastor when he says that “a step forward in social and institutional disobedience to the Spanish state from Catalonia would open the door to a challenge not only to this government but also to the regime.”

The Catalan Republic is not only the cause of its people, not only of the habitants of the Spanish State but of all the authentic democrats and the internationalist revolutionaries in the world. As Alfons Bech says, “we are living the story alive. We are witnessing a change that will affect not only Catalonia, but Spain and the whole of Europe. Win or lose, the struggle of the Catalans in their right to be an independent state has already laid a way. This road is that of a democratic revolution. It’s something new in Europe … “and we added great global impact.

“We are and are part of a democratic movement, very but very massive, very popular and interclasses, with a strong left and democratic position” (…) “we hope the maximum solidarity of other peoples with that struggle “, says Miguel Salas.

Of course, we present this newsletter as one more way to contribute and support this process that will not end on October 1st.


[1] Militant of CCOO, Editorial Council of Sin Permission, the former Trotskyist organization POR, and "La Aurora." With the partners of the POR we founded the ITU and among other international campaigns we made the Convoy of “Workers' Aid to Bosnia” organized in Barcelona by Diego Arcos, founder of the "Casal Argenti" in Barcelona.

[2] Alfons Bech was a worker of the SEAT during the resistance to the Franco regime and later railroad of RENFE, a member of the former POR with whom we shared in 1995 the Foundation of the ITU and now of the Marxist Organization “La Aurora” with whom we continue fighting brothers

[3] Director of the website “Viento Sur”, militant of “Izquierda  Anticapitalista”, and leader of the former LCR section of the IV International SU.

[4] Leader  of Global Revolt and the IV International (SU).

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