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SEPTEMBER 2017 – Special Portal de la Izquierda’s Newsletter – Brazil

SEPTEMBER 2017 – Special Portal de la Izquierda’s Newsletter – Brazil

The first half of September moved the Brazilian political superstructure. New audios of Joesley Batista have liquidated their deportation agreement and taken him to jail, bags with 51 million reais were found in a PMDB’s bunker, Antonio Palocci decided to start incriminating Lula, Attorney General Rodrigo Janot finished his term firing the last arrows against the government of Michel Temer. In the midst of all this, successive coups against the people and the Brazilian State are enforced by the gang of ‘Palacio do Planalto’.

Bourgeois analysts seem to agree that Brazil is immersed in its worst political crisis in history, without many definitions on the horizon. To understand the mismatch of this situation with the supposed inertia of the mass movement, the Portal de la Izquierda prepared a Special Newsletter on Brazil, with texts written by MES-PSOL’s comrades and by PSOL’s intellectuals.

Portal de la Izquierda’s Writing Team – Brazil



PT Leadership, Financial Capital and Big Corporations: Organic Relations and Blood Pacts

by Pedro Fuentes and Charles Rosa

Palocci, the moral issue and the elections

by Roberto Robaina


Deals with China

by Israel Dutra and Thiago Aguiar

Corruption and capitalism: a marriage of convenience

by Luciana Genro


Rallies such as 2013’s will probably be repeated

by Vladimir Safatle

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