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Alfons Bech

The recount is already done in almost all the towns and neighborhoods of the cities. However there are still no figures. No doubt this vote has been the most obstacles has had of all I have seen. President Puigdemont has spoken of millions. The Government spokesman said 3 million. It seems that the influx has exceeded that of the consultation of 9 N. For me, only approaching the figure of November 8, 2015 would be a victory: 2 million 300,000.

The number of injured is increasing: 844. The fight has been hard, very hard. But the feeling is of victory. And that the Spanish state has sunk in the deepest of international democratic shame. In truth Rajoy, the PP,  Citizens and many leaders of the PSOE have never had democratic shame. To have it they would have to know what democracy is and these people come from the Franco regime.

International observers have been shocked. They would never have imagined that Spain was like this: “this is not democracy,” many have said. Others have already warned that they will denounce Spain before the European Court of Human Rights. Even the peridositas of the Spanish television channel have manifested their “shame” to the programming that has made the event. However, the European Commission continues to consider the violation of the elementary norms of democracy in Spain as an “internal matter”. It resembles so much what Europe did when it left the Spanish Republic to its fate before Franco, Hitler and Mussolini … That is the present Europe: hypocrisy.

So now the Catalans can only consolidate their victory by counting on their own strengths. The Spanish left will arrive … but they are a little late. And international support is still small. All this valuable, but insufficient to stop the coup that are giving PP, Citizens and with the PSOE looking the other way. So, it’s about organizing the forces to continue Monday, Tuesday … and all the week that follows. There may be more arrests. They may try to apply Article 155 of suspension of Autonomy. And the Govern must react and comply with what the Parliament approved: declare independence and open the process constituent of the Catalan Republic.

That is why there is no choice but to oppose the great labor unions, even if they have been shuffling their feet in defending the right to decide. Now they have a cover: it is the “Table in defense of the democracy” . Today he has agreed and presented the proposal to hold meetings at companies and at the University of Barcelona on Monday morning at 12 o’clock. And on Tuesday he will carry out a “national strike”.

The fighting continues. The working class must discuss in Assemblies what happens, what is played, how it is organized. It is necessary to prepare the general strike, the only one that can really stop the coup even if they stop Puigdemont and if they declare the State of exception, now of open way. It will be a decisive week. I’ll have to do more chronicles.

23:30  October 1

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