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Against the authoritarian and coup attack of Fujimorismo and the pact of impunity that PPK seeks

National Driving Group / Movement New Peru – 11.15

1. It is increasingly evident that all sectors of the political and business ruling class are engaged in serious corruption cases. This has been generating a political crisis, aggravated by the authoritarian and coup attack of Fujimorismo, which from its majority in the Congress intends to intervene institutions such as the Constitutional Court and the Public Prosecutor’s Office that are under investigation in which they are charged. A situation that has been facilitated by the permanent concessions that the PPK government has made to Fujimorismo in search of a pact of impunity.

2. This is evidence of bribery and illegal financing of the electoral campaigns of former presidents of the Republic or former presidential candidates in exchange for favoring companies such as Odebrecht to carry out large infrastructure projects; These are crimes such as money laundering and drug trafficking. In fact there is evidence of bribes to Toledo, the investigations of Alan García and Keiko Fujimori are open for having received illicit support for their campaigns, Ollanta Humala and Nadine Heredia are in preventive detention for the same reason. But also, it is about drug trafficking and money laundering claims that concern the main financier of Keiko Fujimori and Secretary General of Fuerza Popular Joaquín Ramírez. The same current PPK President of the Republic is involved because he became an adviser to Odebrecht as soon as he left his position as Minister in the government of Toledo, which he has denied.

3. The reaction of Fujimorismo is to remove from office the Public Prosecutor having approved his constitutional accusation to stop the investigations against him. They also want to remove four magistrates from the Constitutional Court from their positions. They have also threatened the media that have reported on the illicit financing of their campaigns, and return to the fray with the threat of the presidential vacancy. Today it is possible to say clearly that what is going on is a coup d’etat from the parliament against the other powers of the state that forces the seal of a pact of impunity.

4. Faced with this delicate situation, the New Peru Movement proposes:

to. The mobilization in the streets of the citizenry and all the democratic and popular forces in defense of democracy, demanding a total fight against corruption, no matter who falls. It is urgent to stop the authoritarian onslaught as well as any pact of impunity promoted by the government rejecting the permanent possibility of pardon to the former dictator Fujimori who every so often invokes PPK.

b. The frontal struggle against corruption that threatens the public goods of all Peruvians, which goes against the full exercise of basic rights such as health, education and affects the daily life of all, while it is an instrument to favor interests of economic and political power groups.

c. The defense of the jurisdictions of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation that the Fujimorismo wants to clear, demanding at the same time firmness and speed in the investigations in course and others that are necessary, as much against the political sectors involved, as against the groups of economic power that They have been part of the corruption and they have captured the state.

d. The defense of the Constitutional Court privileges, at the same time demanding a consequence in the defense of the constitutional rights of the citizens of the country.

and. The pronouncement of the President of the Republic that publishes all its links with the Brazilian and Peruvian construction companies involved in the Lava Jato case and now in the Paradise Papers and the investigations into the case.


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