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Marea Socialista calls for campaign for the release of “El Rojo” Acuña and against “electoral abuses”

Por: Aporrea.org | 11.05.2017

In a statement offered by one of its national spokesmen, Gonzalo Gómez, Marea Socialista expressed its rejection of the arrest of Rafael Acuña, known as “El Rojo”, political leader identified with the Bolivarian revolution, who was the mayor of Cumaná in 2008 – 2013 (www.aporrea.org/actualidad/n316787.html).

The organization expressed its solidarity with the detainee, considering that it takes place in a context that suggests coercion to prevent the continuity of candidacies that make noise to the official candidates of the PSUV, since Acuña is the main promoter of an alliance that has 12 candidates for mayors in Sucre state.

El Rojo was arrested on Friday night in Cumaná, when he was holding a meeting with the campaign command of about 12 candidates for mayors, registered for the municipal elections in December, in their corresponding municipalities of Sucre state, eastern Venezuela.

Acuña was a member of the PSUV, and was mayor of Cumaná, but then he left that party, maintaining his position of commitment to the ideals of the Bolivarian revolution. El Rojo participated as a candidate for the governorship of Sucre State in the recent elections of October 15, with the card of the Unidad Popular Política 89 (UPP 89), with the support of Marea Socialista, of the MEP-dissident, of the Movimiento Popular Alternative (MPA) and other regional political organizations.

Gómez commented that he received information that Rafaél Acuña was arrested by a judge, under accusations of irregularities during his term as mayor, but at some point it was known that there was an action by the Municipal Comptroller, as a preliminary step to proceed against Acuña, which they consider extremely suspicious, in these moments, more than four years after his administration, in the context of an electoral campaign in which he is one of the promoters of at least 12 candidacies in municipalities of the Sucre state.

For these reasons, he tells us that “a socialist tide, this detention smells like retaliation and it seems a maneuver to torpedo the promotion of leftist candidates that are competitive for the PSUV”. Gomez added that “it can not be that at times of elections where the greatest freedom should reign, judicial processes are activated against candidates and former candidates, and that below is the noise and the complaint of extortion operatives to get the resignation of annoying participants through the taking of electoral hostages “.

He says that similar cases are appearing in other states and municipalities that indicate the existence of pressures, threats and even attacks, for which he warns that in some places in Venezuela a climate is beginning to live that is approaching what characterized many areas. of Colombia when irregular groups and paramilitaries threatened the candidates. In this regard, he indicated that they are collecting details about denunciations of violent acts to provoke withdrawal of candidacies and use of State institutions to restrict rights, in this case the right to elect and be elected and the right of the people to vote for the best look like

The national spokesperson of Marea said that while acting against a former rebel mayor, the government is afraid of the slogan “Audit Citizen!” And for nothing in the world wants to talk about “Municipal Audits”, because that would uncover many rotten pots of corruption of local psuvist rulers, but would also expose the actions of right-wing opponents: “There are candidates who have reported being pressured not to talk about auditing.”

Rojo Acuña, up to the moment of writing this note, had not yet had access to the file and had not yet presented it before the Court, but he is being held prisoner and prevented from exercising his political rights at this time. Socialist Tide condemns the use of the courts and the judicial system, as well as other irregular and criminal mechanisms to blackmail and disable candidates or to act in revenge against former candidates, which adds to the monstrous deformation that Venezuelan politics is suffering in the recent times, as part of the attempt to consolidate a “new authoritarian political regime with electoral makeup, aimed at the dismantling of the Bolivarian revolution from within and at the same time to end democracy, at the service of a corrupt elite that has taken over the country and do things very similar to those made by the old bourgeois governments. ”

Marea Socialista believes that “the government and the justice or police bodies act in the interests of one-party interests and elites of power, in this case to get out of the way, with arbitrary procedures, candidates that hinder them, or to neutralize sectors of the critical chavismo, but beyond some limited and partial actions of ‘adjustments of accounts’, it does not act against the great continued embezzlement of 500 billion dollars to the nation, nor to detect illegitimate and fraudulent components of the external debt that enslaves today to the Venezuelan people, with the complicity of the government and the PSUV.

Faced with this situation Marea Socialista announces that the electoral alliance in which it participates and that converges on the UPP89 card, is beginning a national and international campaign for the immediate release of “El Rojo” Rafaél Acuña, against retaliation, harassment, the threats, pressures and blackmail within the electoral process, which are part of a serious deformation and deterioration of democratic life in Venezuela, turning it into a “simulated democracy” and a “counterrevolutionary authoritarianism masked under institutional dyes, but definitely overturning the Constitution of Chávez, the Constitution of 99 “.

Marea proposes – says Gomez – to all candidates, to all parties and voters who feel affected by this situation, regardless of their differences, and even being opponents in the electoral field, to come together to defend the right of choose and be elected, the right to suffrage with full guarantees, the monitoring of the electoral process and the common care of the votes against the abuses that according to the complaints have been observed (for example: www.aporrea.org/ddhh/n316815. html, www.aporrea.org/ddhh/n316813.html).

They call on the organizations and voters to monitor and solidarity around electoral rights and that those affected publicly disclose all the arbitrariness that is being reported in the states and municipalities, to act by all legal means within our reach that can contribute to “stop and put an end to the excesses”.


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