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Portal de la Izquierda/ MES-PSOL Newsletter (2017 November)

A good commemoration of the centennial of the Russian revolution came from the United States; It was not an act of homage, but it happened in the elections that took place on Tuesday. In them the companions of the Democratic Socialist Party (DSA), obtained very good results. They chose 15 militants for public office of which eleven are councilors. They made an excellent election in New York, reaching 305 of the votes that were not enough for the African-American candidate Jabary to be elected. But many of the strongholds of the Republicans triumphed in many cities. As a recent Jacobin article says, “the enthusiasm for the Bernie Sanders campaign continues, and he should be the true candidate for opposition to Trump. In the state of Maine a plebiscite held on the same day of the election on the expansion of Medicare, (won by popular vote), won by confronting Trump’s policy of destroying it.

We must celebrate that socialism grows in that country ruled by the most ferocious imperialism in modern history. The tradition of Eugene Debs, the first American socialist leader reappears. In reality he never died; He followed with Marxist leaders who adhered to Trotskyism like Cannon, Farrel Dobs … and with authentic Socialists of the 60s / 70s like Harrington. The latter suffered the pressure of isolation but in his book “Socialism” he wrote that it was very possible that socialism ceased to be hidden or invisible. That’s happening! Growing up in the United States shows that the future is international socialism.


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