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In this issue of the Portal de la Izquierda newsletter, the topics covered are: 1- The presidential elections in Chile and the rise of Frente Amplio; 2- The struggle of the Peruvian people against the attempt of the political caste to stifle the investigations of Lava Jato; 3- The effervescent political situation in Rio de Janeiro as a reflection of the Brazilian situation; 4- The partial project of Trump and the Republicans in the process of cutting taxes for the richest; 5. The changes in the Venezuelan Constitution that serve the interests of the neoliberal lobby; 6- The movements in the field of independence to resist in the electoral process of the 21D; 7- The palatial coup in Zimbabwe that ended with 37 years of Mugabe’s rule, but installed another dominant faction of the country in the main rudder; 8- An analysis of the importance of reading Karl Marx’s Capital -Volume I after 150 years of its publication.

International Commission of the MES-PSOL

CHILE | A brief comment on the Chilean elections – by Israel Dutra

The first round of the Chilean election was an important symptom for a broader analysis of Latin America. In the next 10 months, a series of elections must happen on the continent, its results directly influence. Looking at Chile, like that, is looking at the political tendencies in shock, saving the differences that are specific to each country.

PERUAgainst the authoritarian and coup attack of Fujimorismo and the pact of impunity that PPK seeks – by MNP

It is increasingly evident that all sectors of the political and business ruling class are engaged in serious corruption cases. This has been generating a political crisis, aggravated by the authoritarian and coup attack of Fujimorismo, which from its majority in the Congress intends to intervene institutions such as the Constitutional Court and the Public Prosecutor’s Office that are under investigation in which they are charged. A situation that has been facilitated by the permanent concessions that the PPK government has made to Fujimorismo in search of a pact of impunity.

BRAZIL | Rio de Janeiro as a mirror of Brazil – by Revista Movimento

The common place that Rio de Janeiro is the mirror of Brazil was felt very strongly in the week. On this occasion, another chapter in Operation Cadena Velha, splitting the Operation Lava-Chorro, ended up bringing to the chain a fundamental part of the leading nucleus of the ‘fluminense’ PMDB. They were delivered to the federal police jail, Jorge Picciani, chief of the scheme and six times president of ALERJ, Paulo Mello, president of ALERJ between 2011 and 2015, and the current leader of the Pezão government, Edson Albertassi.

USA | Drain the Swamp: Defeat the Trump/Republican Tax Cuts – by DSA

President Trump came to office allegedly aiming to “drain the swamp” of privileged “special interests.” But the tax proposals put forth by Trump and the GOP are a gift to these same interests, an all-out assault on equality, and class warfare waged by capital. We urge all DSA locals to join the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and Jobs with Justice rallies against the tax cuts at local Senate offices on Wednesday November 29th! Check with your local CWA or Jobs with Justice office. At a minimum call your Republican Senators and urge them to vote no. Click here to see how. 

VENEZUELA | Neoliberal lobby in the ANC prepares direct foreign investment – by Luis Britto Garcia

In the most absolute secrecy a neoliberal lobby prepares in the Constituent a Terminator Law for the Promotion and Protection of Investments, or Foreign Direct Investment, to grant companies and individuals from other countries greater privileges than Venezuelans and ruin us.

CATALONIA | Catalonia: An active and democratic front against the 155 – by Miguel Salas (Sin Permiso)

Two statements by members of the Spanish government characterize some aspects of the situation in Catalonia, and by extension throughout Spain. President Rajoy, in a nod to his right wing and also for everyone to take note, boasted that the dismissal of the Catalan government is something that nobody had dared since the Second World War. And he was perfectly calm! Did not you realize, or yes, that by comparing your decision to the era of fascism you were portraying yourself? Has the skin hardened so much that such statements already seem normal to us? Will the application of article 155 be accepted as natural or proportionate? 


CATALONIA | “The mobilization against the repression will continue” – by Andreu Coll (Anticapitalistas)

The electoral campaign effectively slows the momentum for a constituent process. For now, the demands remain focused on democratic questions. The ANC and Omnium lobbied for a united list, but it is now a thing of the past, because the ERC and the CUP will go it alone. The ANC and Omnium came across as supporting Puigdemont, backing the united list to the end.

ZIMBABWE | Robert Mugabe resigns: can ordinary people now win their own demands? – by Tomáš Tengely-Evans (Socialist Worker)

Robert Mugabe resigned as president of Zimbabwe with immediate effect after 37 years in power, the speaker of the country’s parliament announced on Tuesday. The military had seized control of the capital Harare last Wednesday. It follows a spiralling political crisis facing the regime, with rival factions of the ruling Zanu PF party jostling for power. Mugabe held back from resigning in a speech on Sunday—and then failed to resign again by the military’s deadline of 10am the following day.

THEORY | Interview: ‘People are searching for ideas to explain the system’ – by  Joseph Choonara (Socialist Review)

There has been an enormous revival in interest in Capital in recent years. The main factors I would say are, first of all, a gradual re-emergence of critical approaches to capitalism since the 1990s, particularly after the anti-capitalist movement emerged from about 1999 onwards. 


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