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SÚMATE AL NUEVO PERÚ: Pact of impunity between PPK-Fujimori-APRA

EDITORIAL: The street regains prominence

November 2017

The political crisis generated by the teachers’ strike brought down not only the minister of education but also the entire cabinet. Obvious that both the government and Fujimorismo put theirs in this bid between the Executive and Congress, but it was the street again that marked the political pulse. It is not the first time nor will it be the last time that the social movement achieves a great political impact with its struggles and mobilizations. It is enough to remember that the NO TO CONGA defeated the CONGA GOES of Humala and that the youth in the street defeated the Pulpin Law, as before it had defeated the repartija. Let’s not forget either that it was the march of the Four Suyos that brought down the regime of Fujimori, although some only speak of the vladivideos. No wonder, many analysts prefer to ignore that the strength of social mobilization is able to put and get presidents. It is good to remember it because the presidential announcement to pardon former President Fujimori, if it comes to fruition, may trigger a new political crisis that will raise the issue of vacancy on the table. What other outcome can there be before a president who is viciously beating himself in an electoral commitment that allowed him nothing less than to arrive at the Palace?

In that case, if that was the scenario, from the town and from the NPM, we should propose a democratic solution: new elections and a Constituent Assembly. The fact that we are a force without an electoral register or that the right retains the electoral majority should not condition our policy. Only if we are able to offer a consistent policy of fight against PPK government we can aspire to win the majority will of the town.

The Araoz Cabinet, emerging from the recent political crisis, is one more step towards a pact of impunity with Fuerza Popular and APRA, and part of it is Fujimori’s pardon, which means that IMPUNITY becomes a bargaining chip. the government itself. Given this, there is only a firm attitude of rejection and condemnation, since this understanding is to cover each other’s corruption offenses that already have two presidents prosecuted, one in flight and the other in jail. They are not the only ones, that is why they need to support each other in the midst of their contradictions that respond more to political interests, since all of them are at the bottom of sustaining the neoliberal economic model that allows the delivery of our natural resources.

A government of the lobbyists, who wants to privatize Lot 192, which aims to give a new and great boost to the mega mining investment without noticing the proper prior consultation; a Congress that in the hands of the fujuimorista majority intends to continue exonerating from the payment of taxes to the big airlines, which turns its back on gender violence, which places us as the 5th most dangerous city in the world for women, should not deserve another attitude that is not to create real opposition uniting all the people with a common agenda.

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