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Juntos’ note about Marielle Franco’s death

With much sorrow, Juntos provides solidarity to all Marielle Franco ‘s family, friends and comrades. Fifth most voted councilor in the 2016 elections, woman, black, born and raised in the favela, Marielle was an activist who denounced the human rights violations in public security in Rio de Janeiro.

Marielle was shot dead in downtown Rio, late on Wednesday (14). All clues show that the crime was not a robbery. We demand that this crime to be ascertained. The driver Anderson Pedro Gomes also passed away. We provide solidarity to his family.

On Sunday, Marielle denounced one of the military police’s action on the 41 BPM (Irajá) in Favela de Acari. According to her, residents complained about the brutality of the police during the approach to residents. She shared a publication that says that boys were thrown into a ditch. According to residents, on Saturday, the military police invaded houses, photographed their identities and terrorized people in the surroundings.

“We need to shout out to let everyone know what’s going on in Acari at this moment. The 41st Battalion of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro is terrorizing and violating residents of Acari. This week two young men were killed and thrown into a ditch. Today the police walked the streets threatening the residents. It has always happened and with the intervention [of the federal police]  it’s even worse”, Marielle wrote.

Making the grief, fight! Marielle, present!

March against Rio genocide. WE ARE MARIELLE FRANCO!:


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