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Justice and Struggle for Marielle Franco

National Secretariat of MES / PSOL

The feeling of regret and revolt is spread throughout the country. On the night of March 14, 2018, in the central region of Rio de Janeiro, the PSOL councilor, Marielle Franco, was brutally murdered. All lines of investigation, even admitted by the press, lead to believe that it was a “crime of command,” that is, a political execution, a fact that further aggravates the tragedy. The driver who accompanied Marielle, Anderson Pedro Gomes, was also killed. Marielle had just left an activity called “Black women moving structures.”

Marielle, as a black woman, was one of the most voted councilors of Rio de Janeiro in 2016. A human rights activist and the population of the favelas, her growing political career corresponded to the rise of the struggles of women and of the negritude.

Her murder was a crime against black women, against the poor people, against those who question the abuse of the forces of repression in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

PSOL in Rio de Janeiro and Marcelo Freixo, with whom Marielle worked directly for many years, always denounced the milicias, paramilitary organizations that dominate territories, harassing the poorest people in the city.

Recently, her voice was raised against the arbitrariness of the federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro. A few days ago, Marielle made the following complaint about the truculence of the PM:

“We need to shout so that everyone knows what is happening in Acari at that moment. The 41st Battalion of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro is terrorizing and raping the inhabitants of Acari. In that week two young people were killed and played in a gutter. Today the police walked through the streets threatening the inhabitants. It has always happened and with the intervention it has become even worse”.

We manifest ourselves in solidarity with your family, friends and PSOL militants. The murder of Marielle is a national crisis. The government must respond to what happened. The event gained international reach, with the entry of Amnesty International and demonstrations in the European Parliament.

We demand research with the utmost rigor and transparency. The crime must be verified and those involved held responsible. The whole country wants to know: who killed Marielle?

Today, March 15, in solidarity and justice for Marielle Franco, acts and vigils are being convened throughout the country.

Our greatest tribute is to demand justice from Marielle and continue her fight.

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