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NUEVO PERÚ’S STATEMENT: It is time to change Peru

Given the serious political crisis in our country, Movimiento Nuevo Perú states the following.

The resignation of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski does not express the slightest self-criticism about the serious evidence of corruption offenses committed. He left the government due to his ties with corruption and his permanent moral incapacity to lead the destinies of our nation. In this regard, Mr. Kuczynski must *_respond to justice as any citizen would and the Office of Public Prosecutors must consider declaring a legal barrier for him to leave the country._*

PPK leaving does not solve the crisis in our country. The corruption involving Odebretch and building companies, CONFIEP’s *_“piggy bank”_*, Keiko’s cocktails and the “Vladi-kenjivideos” only show the level of decomposition of the entire political class that has become the power over the last twenty years. Peru must begin a democratic transition stage where the current vice president takes charge and ensures the autonomy of powers, ensuring the continuity of ongoing investigations *_against_* all corrupts. He must also call – as soon as possible – for new elections with new rules to ensure that the people *_is_* the one who decides and not the power of money. New elections that renew the politics so that the corrupts that led us to this crisis do not return to the government.

The political and economic model installed by the Fujimorismo and endorsed by the 1993 Constitution has collapsed. This crisis also opens an opportunity to rebuild the country and return power to the people, to work for a new constitution that protects the rights of citizenship, that guarantees the sovereignty over our resources and restore the State off the hands of the lobbies and mafias that have kidnapped it.

It is time for us to get mobilized and to *_make our indignation be felt_*, the workers, the agricultural producers, the women, students, the Peruvians who struggle daily for a dignified life, we can not remain indifferent. We must defend our country with courage and hope.


*_All corrupts may go!_*

New elections with new rules!

New Constitution for a New Peru

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