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A month later, Brazil still queries: who killed Marielle?

A month ago on April 14,the Councilwoman of Rio de Janeiro Marielle Franco (PSOL) and her driver Anderson Gomes were murdered. It could not have been different, the date was marked by a lot of commotion, events and rallies in various Brazilian cities in memory of the activist for human rights and against military intervention in the capital of the state.


In Rio de Janeiro, more than forty demonstrations charged responses from the authorities. Likewise, protests were reported in the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo. Outside the country, Portuguese and Brazilians in Lisbon organized a vigil to remember Marielle Franco’s struggle. Another highlight was during the opening round of the Brazilian Soccer Championship, when America-MG fans carried a banner with the face of the Councilwoman of PSOL.


In Porto Alegre, a walk through the Historic Center was attended by 500 protesters and major public figures of PSOL under the motto of “Justice for Marielle”. Luciana Genro summed the feeling of those present in the following statement to the press of Rio Grande do Sul: “Marielle fought against the military intervention and exposed the genocide of the black youth and human rights violations on the periphery of Rio de Janeiro. We are outraged because her death happened 30 days ago and we still have no answers. We want to know who pulled the trigger and who ordered her murder”.


So far investigators have reported few clues about the crime. The only witness present at the time of the crime, one of Marielle’s consultants, had to move her residence abroad for security reasons. The hypothesis involving militia (paramilitary groups that control large areas in the city of Rio de Janeiro) is gaining strength, according to the minister of Public Security himself, Raul Jungmann, revealed in an interview to the CBN radio on Monday (04/16). There’s an expectation that expertise on fingerprints in fired capsules reveal what the whole world wants to know: who killed Marielle?


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