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Marea Socialista supports the presidential candidacy of Reinaldo Quijada

Marea Socialista announces its support for the presidential candidacy of Reinaldo Quijada, of the Popular Political Unit 89 (UPP 89), in the elections announced for May 20, 2018. The name of Quijada is located as an alternative for political independence of the working class and the suffering Venezuelan people against two power elites who try to keep us trapped in an irrational political polarization, imposed from the official media and from the commercial media. This polarization tries to make us see that we have no choice but to choose between two options that have disappointed people.

On the one hand, Nicolás Maduro represents the destructive bureaucracy of the revolution, which has betrayed the will to change the Bolivarian process and whose government also expresses the capture of the State by mafia sectors that are bleeding the country and shamelessly giving our sovereignty. On the other hand, there is the candidate of sectors of the right-wing opposition, Henry Falcón, linked to the classic interests of capital and the failure of the oil rentier model, evidenced in the 80’s and 90’s. The economic interests that are behind this opposition right are not alien to the most recent acts of rapine against the country.

One is an expression of the new caste that emerged fueled by the enormous embezzlement to the nation in recent years and the other represents those who seek to reimplant forms of domination against which this people insurged in the twentieth century and early twenty-first. Both candidacies, Maduro and Falcón, mean the continuity or deepening of the crisis and the suffering to which our population is subject.

Several of Quijada’s proposals have wide margin of coincidence with our proposals to face the worst crisis experienced in the last decades and his candidacy remains open to discussion to move towards greater agreements. The latter is central to continue promoting the necessary debate and the contest of those who think of an emergency exit to overcome the current conditions of misery. Another of the fundamental elements that makes us converge is that said candidate has clearly and decisively distinguished himself politically from the PSUV and Maduro, with clear limits against the traditional right. We have been working with Quijada at the intersection of the program presented by UPP 89 and the Emergency Program prepared by Marea Socialista and the Citizen Platform in Defense of the Constitution (independently of the existing electoral positions within this platform).

Although we have been prevented, in an undemocratic and arbitrary manner, from initiating our legalization as a Socialist Marea, we are a militant force with a specific presence and well-known public positioning, which has already participated in the elections of governors in 2017 and those of mayors, in alliance and with the UPP 89 card, with high voting percentages in many municipalities. This in spite of the elements of fraudulent character and coarse advantageism of the electoral events marked by the authoritarian course of the current government and the ANC.

With our participation, we do not take the “blind eye” to this character of the current electoral system, but insist on the exercise of the rights of the elective people and each citizen, of choosing and being elected. In addition to the maneuvers of architecture and electoral mechanics (moving electoral centers, opening the sporadic registration, insufficient lapses in the electoral calendar steps, abrupt summons and many other irregularities), and the blatant use of state resources for campaigns, in In 2017 there were serious reports of fraud both from sectors of the traditional opposition (A. Velasquez in Bolívar) and from factors located in the “Patriotic Pole” (for example, the cases of Regulo Reyna in Monagas and the comunero Angel Prado in Lara). This added to the election of the spurious ANC, with a doubtful electoral participation and without audit mechanisms. However, we believe that frauds are fought fighting, participating.

Abstention, a tactic that has already been proven by the reactionary right on multiple occasions, has only provoked popular demobilization. But we believe that in a country where voting is not mandatory, abstention is a right and can not be prohibited or repressed as announced by the CNE with its recent regulations. Although we vindicate the fight for democratic guarantees and for our electoral rights, it is naive to believe that this government and the CNE will come to offer them. What the abstentionist tactics of the most conservative sectors of the MUD intend to hide is their political defeat and opportunism. They are directly responsible for this government to stay in power. They capitulated before a popular clamor for the realization of the recall referendum and sent hundreds of young Venezuelans to the slaughterhouse without proposals or accompaniment.

The old MUD is jointly responsible for the atomization and depoliticization of Venezuelan society. The electoral participation goes beyond a technical issue or guarantees. It has to do with the reconstruction of the national project, which involves generating a new opposition from the bowels of the people, which provides hope and real solutions to get out of the quagmire. Given the growing authoritarianism and repression by the government, we must take advantage of the few democratic windows to maintain the denunciation, betting on the recomposition of the social fabric and the popular movement, to break with the current political polarization and allow us to articulate around the interests common of the town. That’s why we participate from a fighting perspective, without creating false miraculous expectations, but betting on the people’s capacity to respond.

In the presidential campaign, Marea Socialista has decided to accompany Reinaldo Quijada, along with the UPP 89, with the inclusion of those who could be our candidates and candidates for councilors in the municipal elections. It will be a sign of commitment, both electoral and in citizen mobilization, to continue promoting a policy of struggle for the recovery of the rights contained in the Constitution, the restoration of democratic life and the crisis caused by the government, for power economic and for the interests of financial-transnational capital, does not continue to be discharged on the common people, on the workers, the inhabitants of the popular communities and peoples of the different regions of the country.

We say, as Reinaldo Quijada does, that it is not possible to get out of the current crisis with the Maduro government, which is part of its cause, nor with the dollarization offered by Falcón, nor with more indebtedness and delivery of the oil industry to capital foreign We reiterate that it is necessary to free ourselves from the current government without falling into the jaws of the other predatory factors that want to continue subjecting the people of Venezuela for their own benefit.

In these moments, we emphasize the need to face the emergency with the humanitarian solidarity of other peoples of Latin America and the world, without admitting foreign interference and we express the willingness to discuss and apply with the people an Emergency Program in favor of the working majorities.

As part of that program we emphasize the urgency of suspending or postponing payments of an External Debt with many indications of illegitimacy and corruption components, which takes away the foreign exchange of food and medicine, productive investment and services. That Debt must be publicly audited with citizen participation, in order to determine what it can or should pay, because it is a great injustice that is paid to the corrupt and their accomplices for diverted resources and unrealized, unfinished or unnecessary works that were found in the enrichment of the bureaucracy, of unscrupulous entrepreneurs and of the lenders.

On the other hand, having demonstrated an enormous Embezzlement and Capital Delinquency, consummated both by officials and military, as well as by business and transnational sectors; facts about which we have presented research and appealed in mobilization before the institutions, we maintain that a good part of the resources and currencies captured by the embezzlement can be recovered, in application of our Constitution and laws, as well as international conventions, acting against the corrupt and seizing their assets.

With the resources of the Debt and the Embezzlement we could, with a set of measures, begin to recover the work and productive employment, especially the agricultural production, the basic services and the transport, the companies of the State embezzled by the bureaucracy and the military caste , and to recover the value of the salary taking into account Art 91 of the CRBV, in view of the fact that government policies and the speculative voracity of capital have reduced it to zero.

For all the above, we call a process of democratic discussion and reorganization of the popular movement where these proposals are taken into account to unite around a national project that responds to the situation and raise a New Alternative Policy Reference to overcome the nefarious polarization between those who corrupted and betrayed the revolution, and those who always tried to destroy it for the benefit of capital.

Organize yourself and fight with Marea Socialista!

National Marea Socialista Operational Team


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