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Newsletter of the Portal de la Izquierda – April / 2018


In this edition of the Portal de la Izquierda, we highlight the repercussions of the teachers’ strike in the US and Peru, the incorporation of our political current to the IV International, the support of Marea Socialista to the presidential candidacy of Reinaldo Quijado, the resignation of PPK in the Peru, the imperialist bombings in Syria of dictator Assad, the Zionist massacre in Gaza.


Sparks fly from West Virginia, but will they ignite? – Ben Beckett

Red for Ed: The Teachers’ Red State Revolt Rolls On – Amy Goodman


NUEVO PERÚ’S STATEMENT: It is time to change Peru – MNP


Marea Socialista supports the presidential candidacy of Reinaldo Quijada – MAREA SOCIALISTA


A month later, Brazil still queries: who killed Marielle? – Charles Rosa

Lula’s arrest has political, not only legal, reasons – Luciana Genro

A principled position on Brazil’s Supreme Court and Lula’s arrest – Roberto Robaina

Report on our incorporation in the IV International – Roberto Robaina, Israel Dutra, Pedro Fuentes, Tito Prado


Our solidarity with the Syrian people – below the bombings and the intervention of the imperialisms – Israel Dutra and Charles Rosa


We need to talk about Gaza – Israel Dutra, Juliano Medeiros, Waldo Mermelstein


Open letter: The isolation of Julian Assange must end



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