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Our solidarity with the Syrian people – below the bombings and the intervention of the imperialisms

Israel Dutra and Charles Rosa

In the early hours of this Saturday (14/04), while Syrian families were sleeping, the world attended the images of aerial missiles falling on the cities of Damascus and Homs. US President Donald Trump, along with the governments of France and the United Kingdom, ordered the bombing of local chemical storage cases of the government of Bashar al-Assad, as announced on his Twitter during the week.

This new assault on Syrian territory comes days after the death of at least 43 people by a chlorine gas attack in Duma (a region controlled by groups opposed to the Assad regime). The circumstances of this cowardly massacre would begin to be clarified this Saturday by an international chemical weapons control team. As on other occasions, under the pretext of retaliating against the Assad government, the Western imperialist powers added their war efforts to increase more violence to a country totally devastated by a civil war that has been dragging on for 7 years. The sinister accounting of over 400,000 deaths and almost 12 million displaced people results from an internationalized conflict in which the Assad regime and armed opponents measure forces in an intricate game between world military powers, such as the US and Russia, and regional powers, like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and Iran. While these states trap their interventions on the basis of the geopolitical and economic warmth, the greatest exodus in recent history continues to break all records.

It is our duty to repudiate this aggression, which confronts not only the main norms and instances of the UN, but also the parliaments of the USA, France and the United Kingdom that have not even been consulted on the relevance of this decision, in a flagrant demonstration that external interventionism and internal authoritarianism walk side by side. In addition, there is no indication that the offensive on Damascus opens a solution to the civil war in Syria. In contrast, the military escalation led by Trump, May, Macron, Putin, etc., leaves the international community increasingly concerned and distrustful of the effectiveness of diplomatic devices to achieve peace.

Mission accomplished?

Trump’s definition on twitter, his main means of communication, that the “mission was fulfilled” recalls other incursions by US imperialism, as in his occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. What Trump really wants is to exercise a greater threat and control in the Middle East, sweeping under the carpet the enormous political and commercial crisis that the United States can not leave.

The line of military intervention also serves governments such as May and Macron, the intimate dictator of Saudi Arabia, to distort their own internal conflicts. In the case of Trump, there is a broad movement against the use of weapons that shakes American society, in addition to the crisis caused by the Fakenews, in the Analitca Cambbride scandal. Macron lives a wave of strikes and struggles. On Saturday, more than one hundred thousand French left in Marseille with the slogan ‘Stop Macron’.

Trump strives to fulfill the role of world policeman, although he has always expressed sympathy for the dictatorship of Al-Assad before residing in the White House.

There is no peace with the Assad dictatorship

We have full agreement with what the French NPA statement put on this Saturday:

“Since March 2011 and the democratic uprising against the tyrant Bachar al-Assad, the Syrian population suffers a ferocious and bloody repression of the dictator and his allies, at the forefront of which are Putin’s Russia and Iran’s ayatolás The difficulties encountered by the uprising, the militarization imposed by the regime and the interested interference of the Gulf monarchies have also favored the development of fundamentalist and jihadist forces, while the democratic forces were very alone against Assad and the counterrevolutionary currents.

We call to reject the sordid campaign that aims to doubt the umpteenth criminal chemical attack of the regime against civilians, men, women, boys and girls in Duma, testified by so many information from citizens and medical services on the ground. But we condemn without ambiguity the new military adventure led by Trump in Syria, and the French participation in this bombing campaign that wants to give the illusion that the Syrian people will now be better protected. This can not but add war to the war, chaos to chaos: civilian victims, remembrance of a hateful colonial past, reinforcement of Assad’s position as a wall against Western imperialism. “

It is always valid to fight for the true narrative of events: the Arab Spring of 2011, undertaken by the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa against the dictatorial regimes of the region, found in Bashar al-Assad its greatest executioner. Not only for governing Syria with an iron hand since 2000, inheriting the power and fortunes of his father Hafez. But above all because he is the biggest bloodthirsty of the 21st century, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his compatriots and the repeated use of chemical weapons against the civilian population. Thanks to the help of Russia, he was able to quell much of the rebellion in Syria. Due to its intransigence, chaos was generalized by the Syrian territory, from which the fundamentalist groups knew that the Assadist propaganda made it a matter of confusing with the secular opponents.

However, it should also be remembered that the ferocity of the Syrian regime failed to defeat the Kurds fighting for their territory and for Rojava. We defend the right to self-determination of the Syrian people, as we are doing with the issue of Rojava and Afrin, beset by the alliance between the also dictator Erdogan and Russia.

To the streets against the lords of war!

At the same time, we lend our most active solidarity to the Syrian people. We call for the mobilization of all those who commit themselves to a just peace for the people and who are not on the side of the rapacious and war, essential characteristics of this decadent stage of capitalism. Just as we did against the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kurdistan and in defense of the peoples victims of imperialist militarism in other occasions, we will know how to give the answer in the streets to the warlords. The visit of US Vice President Mike Pence to Brazil on May 30 will offer an excellent opportunity to express our outrage against the warmongering of the major world powers.



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