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The Sandinista Revolution, which overthrew the Somoza family in Nicaragua in July 1979, will turn forty next year. It was the last revolutionary dream of the 20th century, and it went down the drain of history. It was not easy to rebuild a country fleeced by the dictatorship, in the middle of a conflict disguised as a civil war, in the midst of the Cold War. But it was not the CIA which killed Sandinismo, it was the greed of some of his comandantes, especially Daniel Ortega Saavedra.

When the Sandinista National Liberation Front lost the elections in 1990 against the National Opposition Union of Violeta Chamorro, the comandantes engaged in pillage known as the piñata. Just as that child’s game, with the excuse that the Sandinista National Liberation Front could not remain in the opposition without resources, high cadres of the organization took properties, mostly expropriated, and registered under their names. That was the moment of the great schism in the FSLN, when many of its militants and leaders saw this spectacle with horror and could not ethically endure this enormous betrayal of their principles.Daniel Ortega was established as the supreme leader on the ashes left over of the FSLN, and built an organization in which the revolutionary ideals of its beginnings has disappeared. Ortega spent 16 years of neoliberal governments, from 1990 to 2006 governing from below, controlling the unions and the student movement. When the president of the Liberal Party, Arnoldo Alemán, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for corruption, Ortega stroke a deal with him, lowering the percentage to be elected president of the country to 35% that, in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

In 2007 Ortega won the presidency and thanks to several electoral frauds denounced by the international organizations, he has continued to control all branches of government, violating the constitution, selling the sovereignty of the country to China, and declaring indefinite presidential reelections.

What we are seeing these days in the press, the revolts of thousands of Nicaraguans, is no more that the result of almost 12 years of authoritarian drift fueled by the generosity of Venezuelan oil, with which Ortega has become a multimillionaire. It was not the reform in pension system that has caused young people to take to the streets -that was just the spark-, it is 16 years of a government that does not even care anymore to hide their dictatorial and antidemocratic principles. Ortega’s hand are tainted these days with the blood of 130 compatriots, mostly students and workers, and some journalist.
Rosario Murillo, his wife and almighty vice president, a character that seems taken from a magical realism novel, with her amulets and superstitions, with her metal life trees and her discourse of love and reconciliations, has also become a symbol of this dictatorial regime, and is largely rejected by the Nicaraguan people.

In view of all of the above, the undersigned ask Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo to stop the repression against the people of Nicaragua. We ask that they leave power immediately. And we ask that the International Court of Justice open a case against them for crimes against humanity. As Gioconda Belli and Sergio Ramírez have written, the Nicaraguan people deserve democracy and justice for all.



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