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Left on the Move – Newsletter #1

                        Left on the Move Newsletter #1

It is with great pleasure that we open the first newsletter of Left on the Move, one of the few sites on the international left edited in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Every two weeks, we will gather a selection of the materials sent by our collaborators and published on our site in the previous period. In this inaugural edition, among other issues, we highlight the global geopolitical chaos (expressed in Trump’s recent geopolitical maneuvers), the heroic rebellion of the Nicaraguan people against Daniel Ortega and the historic victory of Argentine women in the struggle for the right to public, legal and safe abortion. Before that, however, know below about who we are and our editorial proposal.


Left on the Move is a new page to support and build new alternatives in Latin America and the World, defending the power of the workers and people against the 1% of the rich and privileged, and a society without exploitation.

We take this new step to respond to a world situation that presents us with two faces. One of them is the increasing crisis of capitalism. To save capitalism, the ruling classes intend to continue their insatiable plundering of natural resources, and exploitation of workers and peoples. Governments at the service of financial capital and large corporations who have become owners of the state sustain the system of neoliberal globalization. There is geopolitical chaos because the traditional regimes in the imperialist countries who sustained this hegemony, particularly the United States, are increasingly in crisis. The attrition of these regimes has led to the emergence of right wing neo-populisms that are a new threat to workers and peoples. But there is also another face, full of energy that can overcome this crisis. In the strikes of the workers, in the popular rebellions, in the democratic demonstrations, in the feminist wave, new political alternatives appear that confront the old regimes and neo-populisms. There has never been so much crisis in the system and its regimes and, at the same time so many human potentialities; that is the picture that makes us realistic in our fight and enthusiastic about the future.

New processes that can dispute power to the dominant sectors are already in gestation. The PSOL is strengthened in Brazil, the MNP advances in Peru, the Frente Amplio in Chile, socialism in the United States grows from the elections where Bernie Sanders participated.

These new processes have to go beyond the “old left” which has already proved that it is not an alternative to the crisis. The so-called “progressivisms,” from the neoliberal social governments of the PT in Brazil and the current authoritarianism of Maduro in Venezuela and Ortega in Nicaragua showed their limits; they were part of the capitalist system or adapted to it just as social democracy did in Europe.

With Left on the Move we want to create an open portal to discuss these new struggles and new alternatives and regroupings of the left. Many fighters under the banners of democratic, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist struggles are asking themselves if it is possible in the name of a better society, and even in the name of socialism, if we can go halfway, or compromise with the right that we historically fight. We answer that we must go further. This new left is already being born in Latin America and in the rest of the world. For that, Left on the Move is also a space for reflection and debate to draw conclusions from the failed experiences in the struggle against imperialist domination, to better arm our struggle, and to contribute to the articulation of these new processes that are developing before the cycle of “progressivisms” is exhausted.

Those of us who claim to be part of the revolutionary socialist tradition cannot be alien to these movements. Our task is to help build them and root them in the workers and the people, strengthen them in strikes, in democratic struggles, in movements against racism, in environmental struggles defending a program of rupture with the old—a program of “real democracy” that guarantees the leadership and rights of workers and youth to decide their future. We are an active part of them to go as far as possible in the fight against capitalist exploitation until the conquest of a new world without exploited or exploiter.

We promote and organize this portal betting on the regrouping of socialist forces that defend these alternatives. That is why we are internationalists and we are in the Fourth International. Far from sectarianism and self-proclamation, Left on the Move is a page open to all those who are participating in the daily struggle against the attacks of capitalism and want to collaborate.

One last note: you received this email because you subscribed to the newsletter of Portal de la Izquierda and part of our staff remain the same. Our website looks really different though and you should definitely check it out here!

Writing Office of Left on the Move | Pedro Fuentes, Bernardo Corrêa, Charles Rosa, Clara Baeder

                                              The global geopolitical chaos


The breakup of Trump with the G7 and the meeting with Kim Jong-un are expressions of a geopolitical chaos | Pedro Fuentes e Bernardo Corrêa

The only way to achieve the real denuclearization is the struggle for a just peace that we can only conquer with a deep rupture of the masses in the countries of the first world, China and Russia.

                                               The Nicaraguan rebellion


Where Is The Rebellion Going? | Dan La Botz

While students throughout the country have played the leading role in the rebellion, farmers, environmentalists, and women’s organizations have also been involved.



The Feeble Strength of One | Meagan Day

The Supreme Court has handed bosses a license to divide workers and break the law.

                                                      Elections in Colombia


Brief comments on the presidential runoff in Venezuela: why did Ivan Duke win? | Israel Dutra and Pedro Fuentes

The right triumphs again in Colombia, but it will hardly have the capacity to stop the anti-neoliberal process that is taking place in other countries of the continent.

                                              Women’s victory in Argentina


We are all Argentine women! | Nathalie Drumond

The struggle of the Argentine women is fundamental for the future of the women’s movement in Brazil. We interviewed the councilors of PSOL, Fernanda Melchionna and Sâmia Bomfim, to the Portal of the Left in Motion. They comment on the future of the Feminist Spring in Latin America.



Three months without Marielle, we continue fighting for justice! | Luciana Genro

Marielle’s struggle is not going to stop, it will continue to be alive in every human rights fighter and especially in the struggle of black women for visibility and dignity.


A crisis far from the end | Israel Dutra and Thiago Aguiar

The agreement drawn as a result of the mobilization of the truck drivers, which paralyzed the country, and the subsequent dismissal of Pedro Parente did not put an end to the crisis of Temer’s government.



Kingdom of Spain: The trade union movement and the new government | Miguel Salas

The change of government is the occasion to put into practice the slogan that some unions have been defending: On the offensive!



Internationalist solidarity with the Syrian people is more necessary than ever! | Fourth International Bureau and Jan Malewski

Seven years after the beginning of the Syrian popular uprising, it has been gradually transformed into a deadly war with an international character, the situation in the country is catastrophic at all levels.



Pakistan: Save the life of Ali Wazir! | Farooq Tariq

Pushtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) once again became the target of harsh brutality; at least 8 people were killed and dozens injured in a militant attack by the so-called “Good Taliban” on PTM leader Ali Wazir at South Waziristan agency’s headquarters of Wana on Sunday 3rd June.



The Great Minneapolis Strikes | James Cannon

In the early 1930s, in the United States, truck drivers organized what would be one of the most important labor demonstrations in the country.


A new page to support and build new alternatives in Latin America and the world, defending the power of the workers and people against the 1% of the rich and privileged, and a society without exploitation.

Writing office

  • Pedro Fuentes
  • Bernardo Corrêa
  • Charles Rosa
  • Clara Baeder