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The breakup of Trump with the G7 and the meeting with Kim Jong-un are expressions of a geopolitical chaos

We live in a world situation, in which one can only understand the inter-imperialist and inter-bourgeois disputes and the opportunities for the liberation of peoples under a new “imperialist galaxy”. The superpower (in decay) of the US is directed by Mr. Trump, an unpredictable man, at the same time as new capitalist powers emerge in the crisis of Yankee hegemony, configuring a scenario that is generally called “multi-polarity”, but that it is really a “geopolitical chaos”, as defined by Pierre Rousset:

The US and British bourgeoisies were the first to impose anti-social neoliberal policies (under Reagan and Thatcher); then, a quarter-century ago, the implosion of the USSR made it possible for globalization to take on its full dimension. This has not resulted in a stable mode of international domination, but in a chronically chaotic situation. Some traditional imperialisms have continued to decline, while new capitalist powers are asserting themselves, heightening geopolitical rivalries. (Pierre Rousse -CAPITALIST GLOBALIZATION, IMPERIALISMS, GEOPOLITICAL CHAOS)

A day after breaking the G7 meeting, which will be remembered by the photo of Merkel rebuking Trump with the face of an angry child, the North American president who governs by twitter met with the “little rocket man”, the dictator of Korea North Kim Jong-un, who had threatened to attack and not leave any of the missiles of his nuclear arsenal. A diplomatic meeting between the two countries had not taken place since the Korean War in the 1950s, which reveals its historical character; but what is the meaning of such a fact?

China is the main winner of both the G7 crisis and the poor results of the Singapore meeting. Kim, protected by China, is recognized by the United States as a legitimate government, at the same time that the cessation of joint US military maneuvers with South Korea weakens the military presence in East Asia as it had previously happened with the rupture of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

In Singapore, two caricatured “leaders” met to reveal the world we live in. The pumper Trump, representative of the ultra-reactionary nationalist right that emerges amid the geopolitical chaos and the crisis of the neoliberal globalization regimes, and Kim, who governs with an “iron hand” the last crack of the countries degenerated by the Stalinism.

If we compare this situation with the years of the “Ping Pong” diplomacy that the USA exercised with China after the defeat of Vietnam, the contrast is abysmal. At that time, by means of the pact, China helped to rebuild American hegemony in exchange for the recognition of China and of turning its back on Taiwan, exactly the opposite of what is happening at the moment.

From Reagan, even if it is “pour la gallerie”, American imperialism continued to condemn the lack of democracy in China. In Singapore, Trump did not touch on this issue and he still reinforced his admiration for Putin and the protofascist ultra-right in Europe. During the G7, Trump claimed the presence of Russia, which is sanctioned by the military intervention in Ukraine and even continues the policy of breaking the denuclearization agreement with Iran defended by the European Union.

What came out of the meeting – in which the “little rocket man” was recognized as equal to equal with the world’s greatest power – is a generic statement about the denuclearization of North Korea, in exchange for Trump’s promise of no perform more military maneuvers in South Korea. Little or no result to try to rebuild the crisis of US hegemony. Ultimately, a Trump electioneering policy for midterm elections. With that goal he immediately went back to Twitter to say that the Americans could “sleep in peace” with the result.

The “historic” agreement of Singapore does not end with nuclear threats and the danger of its use by the US or by the State of Israel. In truth, there is no progress in the battle against nuclear weapons. The only way to achieve the real denuclearization is the struggle for a just peace that we can only conquer with a deep rupture of the masses in the countries of the first world, China and Russia. The meeting of the cartoons shows the fragility of the imperialist domination that has the USA as the main pillar. And also, the summit reveals that a “camper” policy where the “main enemy” is sought in the face of imperialism can only lead to the abandonment of the main victim of geopolitical chaos: the world working class and the oppressed peoples.


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