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The murders of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes, three months ago, show the failure of the public power in the confrontation with the Carioca militias in the last decade, which can be considered decisive for deaths as the councilwoman and her driver continue to occur without punishment.

In the state and federal spheres, the government failed to adopt, due to lack of political will, the 58 proposals pointed out by the report of the CPI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) of the Militias in Rio, 10 years ago. The CPI, where Marielle worked as a parliamentary advisor to state deputy Marcelo Freixo, indicated at least 226 people, and arrested councilors, deputies, civil and military police and public security agents as members and supporters of these groups, today indicated by the investigation as the main suspects of the attack against Marielle.

The omission of the governments allowed the militias to begin, more strongly at the beginning of the 2000s, to occupy the poorest communities of Rio, which suffer with the lack of public and social policies, with the lack of access to decent housing, without security, without light, without water, without decent public transport and without leisure options. In this period, understood by the governments of Lula and Dilma Rousseff in the Presidency of the Republic and Sérgio Cabral in the government of the State of Rio, little has been done to guarantee the fulfillment of an effective national policy of public security in the fight against those groups that make the population hostage and exercise a parallel power where the State leaves gaps.

Freixo recalls that the CPI was established almost a year after his first requests, still in 2007. He says that the CPI only left the paper after the journalists of the newspaper O Dia were kidnapped and tortured by militiamen. When it reached only the residents, the criminal activity of the militias did not sensitize, Freixo recalled. Marielle, created in the favela de la Maré, knew the crimes committed by the militias, by the Military Police and knew the problems of military intervention in Rio, for that reason, she used her mandate as a councilor, a position for which she was elected with almost 50,000 votes, denounce those practices and strengthen the peripheries.

Marielle’s fight is not going to stop. She will remain alive in every fighter and fighter of human rights and especially in the struggle of black women for visibility, dignity and rights. We demand justice from Marielle and we will continue demanding for her and for all the fighters persecuted and murdered for working to denounce the omission of public power in guaranteeing a decent life for the population.


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