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Left on the Move Newsletter #3

In this edition of Left on the Move – Newsletter, we highlight the popular and democratic rebellion of Nicaragua. Despite hundreds of deaths ordered by La Loma Palace, Nicaraguan youth have been at the forefront of the protests since April 2018, battling against the authoritarianism of the Ortega and Murillo. We publicize an International Manifesto driven by Nicaraguan intellectuals and artists that decades after the Sandinista Revolution demanded democratic freedoms and a new regime in the country. In addition, we share the analyzes of Israel Dutra (PSOL Secretary for International Relations), Boaventura de Sousa Santos (Portuguese intellectual) and William I. Robinson (professor of the University of California) on the correct position that the international left should Nicaraguan rebellion.

In this Newsletter, you can also access an article by Dan La Botz on the meaning of Lopez Obrador’s victory in Mexico, a contribution of the Revista Movimento coordinators to the economic program being prepared by the PSOL in Brazil, the opinion of Michael Kinnucan (militant of the NYC DSA) about the triumph of Alexandria Ocasio, a text by Carlos Girbau about the failure of the European summit to actually solve the immigration crisis, a balance of the Sosyalist Demokrasi icin Yeniyol on the last general elections of Turkey that reinforced even more the dominion of the “Sultan” Erdogan and the point of view of the Awami Workers Party (AWP) that is preparing to contest the general elections of Pakistan on 25 July.

We wish an excellent internationalist reading to all our readers and until the next edition!

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Rebellion in Nicaragua

For a free and democratic Nicaragua | International Manifesto

In view of all of the above, the undersigned ask Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo to stop the repression against the people of Nicaragua. We ask that they leave power immediately. And we ask that the International Court of Justice open a case against them for crimes against humanity. As Gioconda Belli and Sergio Ramírez have written, the Nicaraguan people deserve democracy and justice for all.

Managua, July 2018 | Israel Dutra

In a daily battle, silence becomes complicity with Ortega’s murderous government. It is necessary to denounce and circulate solidarity, demanding the immediate rupture of diplomatic relations with the Nicaraguan government, as well as going to the streets, universities, unions, workplaces and study to put the current process at the center of the debate. The democratic sectors and the left as a whole must speak out immediately against repression. Human rights organizations and activists must do the same. Managua from July 2018 can not be alone!

The Open Veins of Nicaragua | Boaventura de Sousa Santos

There was something pathetic, albeit unsurprising, in the way in which political authoritarianism went hand in hand with the growing patrimonialisation of the state. Thus the Ortega family has amassed wealth and shown a desire to perpetuate itself in power. Are authoritarian temptation and corruption a deviation or are they a natural outgrowth of governments with a neoliberal economic agenda?

Capitalist Development in Nicaragua and the Mirage of the Left | William I. Robinson

Now capitalist development is entering into crisis in Nicaragua. The government’s announcement that it would cut pension payments to retirees and increase the contribution required by workers and businesses into the pension was the spark that ignited the April uprising. But political tension and social conflict has been building up for years, and it is this crisis of capitalism that forms the larger backdrop to the recent events.

Election of Lopez Obrador in Mexico

AMLO, Mexico’s New President, Promises End to Corruption, Makes Peace with Capitalist Class | Dan La Botz

The struggle now will be between AMLO, the moderately reformist politician, the Mexican capitalist class, and the country’s working people. One should not rule out the possibility that the electoral victory will raise the hopes of working people and put pressures on AMLO to deliver more than he intends. Over the last two decades Mexico’s working people — electrical workers, miners, teachers, and many others — have demonstrated on many occasions their capacity not only to struggle but also to stand up to tremendous repression. Perhaps the same desire for change and the same hope for a better Mexico that led them to vote for AMLO will now inspire the Mexican working people to assert themselves politically and attempt to set their own course.

Growth of DSA

Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won | Michael Kinnucan 

The more you know about New York politics the more surprising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory over Joe Crowley is. Crowley wasn’t merely the fourth-ranked Democrat in the House; he was the dominant force in Queens politics for a decade, the king of the Queens machine. The extent to which Crowley and “county” exerted power over every race in Queens and over New York politics more broadly is hard to overstate; only six months ago, Crowley minted a new city council speaker — the second-most-powerful position in city government. The fact that he got taken down by an outsider is nothing short of breathtaking; the power centers of New York politics are reeling. If Crowley can be beaten, no one is safe.

Economic debate within the PSOL

A program for Brazil against the yoke of the financial capital and the draining debt | Israel Dutra and Thiago Aguiar

In the preparatory discussions for the presentation of the programme of the candidacy of Guilherme Boulos and Sônia Guajajara – in the alliance between PSOL, PCB and social movements such as MTST and APIB – we presented our contributions. In the working groups, we consider it fundamental to bring to the center of the political and economic debate the most crucial issues that should be on our agenda, a formulation that should offer diagnoses on the serious national problems, from which it is possible to organize the popular mobilization necessary for the profound transformations that Brazil needs. In particular, some polemics have arisen in the debates on the economic agenda and the central measures to prioritize our public agitation. This is a complex debate, which obviously cannot be exhausted in the few lines that follow. But it is essential that the PSOL militancy participate in this discussion, as a way to build a strong Boulos and Guajajara candidacy to run for the presidential election and point the way for the mobilizations after October.


Migratory issue

The European Council and the new failure on immigration and asylum | Carlos Girbau

The Union, which has long seen how even the Dublin regulation is not properly applicable, will consider the establishment of regional landing platforms for immigrants. In Palladian Roman, this implies the creation of new internment centres in which the mobility of applicants will be impeded. Wherever they are built and whoever pays for them, respected voices already argue that such centres may be in open contradiction with the refugee rights convention itself.

Elections in Pakistan

Pakistan: Election Manifesto 2018 – An Alternative is Possible! | Awami Workers Party (AWP)

We believe that our role in these elections is the promotion of these movements and their demands. We will not only expose the old, establishment-dominated system, but present solid and practical alternatives in its stead. Many political parties have been tried and tested by the people of Pakistan. The same faces move from one party to another, misleading people through hollow slogans while tightening their grip on power. But this time, a new leadership based on youth, women and the working classes is emerging under the banner of AWP, with a manifesto demonstrating our clear commitment to social transformation.

Pakistan elections 2018 — AWP can bring real change | Haider Zaman Azkhunzada

Most of the political parties in Pakistan have progressive and humane manifestos, but they don’t pay any heed to them once they are elected to the parliament. The difference between such parties and Awami Workers’ Party is that it has strong central committees in the provinces and an even stronger federal committee in the centre. The leadership is elected in the congress of the delegates in the provinces and in the centre. All the cabinet members are answerable to central committees and the federal leadership is answerable to the federal committee. The federal committee is formed from delegates belonging to all the provinces and approved by the congress.

Elections in Turkey

Elections in Turkey confirm authoritarian regime and tasks for an Anticapitalist Alternative | Sosyalist Demokrasi icin Yeniyol

The majority of the Turkish socialist movement is in solidarity with the Kurdish movement, and the HDP has created an opportunity for the socialist movement to be politically active in electoral politics. Nevertheless, this relationship with HDP and political priorities raised during the elections reveal that Turkish radical left is not an alternative on its own – not an independent political power. Hence, instead of constructing its own existence with the values of democracy, ecologism, feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism socialist movement,it prefers to situate itself as an anti-AKP movement without raising any concrete demands, and sometimes builts opportunistic relationships with more powerful forces in the name of the fight against the AKP. But the uphill task for the socialist movement to build an independent anticapitalist alternative in order to break up the nationalist and conservative policies and discourses of the AKP has become more urgent than ever.

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