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No human being is illegal! We must stop Trump’s monstrous policy!

The brutal images of the prisons and detention centers for children in the USA have shocked the world. Separated from their parents, the repressive measures we’ve seen against the immigrants were monstrous. What was seen in McAllen, in southern Texas, was an inhuman sight of cruelty, comparable to fascist methods.
Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy escalated in the past few days. For months his administration has been getting on with attacks and persecution against immigrants and refugees (which amount to 14% of US population), where over 2300 children have been separated from their parents since April and housed in three detention centers, in an atrocity that Amnesty International classifies as “torture”. Caged children and cruel guards, which can be known through the videos and audio files circulating online, were included the xenophobic project taken on by Trump, which include the construction of a wall in the Mexican border, the suspension of DACA and the immigration veto for some Arab countries.
Increasingly isolated and contested in the international scenario, and criticized even by sectors of the Republican Party, Trump attacks even the most basic human rights, and, faced by criticism on his vileness, removed the United States from the UN Human Rights Council. In his clumsy style, he agitated on Twitter that he would not apologize, nor let the US become a “large field of refugees”.
The immigration issue is currently central. It is the spearhead of the reactionary and conservative all over the world. This week, for example, the Italian Minister of Interior, Matteo Salvini (no coincidence, a Trump admirer) suggested the census and expulsion of the Romani living in the country, scandalizing the European public opinion. Across the Atlantic, Trump turns that discourse into practice, harassing immigrants and refugees, just as he does with women, children, black people and the whole of his country’s working class.

We must immediately be done with these modern-day concentration camps. There are 49 Brazilian children, some even with complex health conditions, like autism and epilepsy, incarcerated in the detention centers. We demand the Itamaraty to take immediate action. It is not possible for the Brazilian government to welcome the US vice-president Mike Pence by the end of the month in the traditional way, as if nothing is happening in the USA. Brazil belittles itself in front of the continent when its children are treated as third-class citizens in the USA and no concrete position is taken.
We demand the end of the anti-immigration policy in the United States! And reaffirm the need for Brazil to defend its emigrated, and to properly welcome immigrants from every part of the world. The PSOL and its parliamentary bench in the Federal Chamber of Deputies will take every applicable measure to denounce this outrageous situation. A stop must be put to Trump’s monstrous policy!

Translated by Du Carniel

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