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One hundred days without Marielle

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This week, 100 days of the murder of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes were completed. A barbaric, vile crime of a political nature that shocked the entire Brazilian society.

On the night of March 14, after Marielle participated in the event “Black Women Moving Structures”, her car was followed by criminals and cowardly sifted bullets. The immediate deaths of Marielle and Anderson until today have not been clarified. It is not yet known who pulled the trigger and who had them killed. However, the goal of the shot left no room for doubt. His objective was to silence Marielle for his career, his representativeness and his ideas. Marielle acted with Marcelo Freixo in the ICC investigations of the militias in 2008. Before and after being elected councilor in 2016, Marielle was fighting for the organization of the inhabitants of the favelas against the oppression of mafias, organized crime and of the State. Days before dying, for example, Marielle denounced the violent action of a police battalion against community dwellers. Marielle was an expression of the struggles of June of 2013: woman, black and LGBT, was a spokesman of the collective mobilization to construct an egalitarian and dignified Brazil. For all this, Marielle Franco has quickly become one of the most expressive voices of the PSOL’s program.

The mobilization for justice for Marielle and Anderson generated ample solidarity in those hundred days. In several Brazilian capitals, acts brought together tens of thousands. His face stamped walls and flags in our country and abroad. Artists added their voice to the denunciation of his murder. At events around the world, at the OAS, in other international forums, Marielle’s name has become a symbol of the struggle for Human Rights.

So far, the investigations have raised suspicions against the militias that control huge areas of the territory of the Carioca West Zone and the cities of the Baixada Fluminense. There remain, however, many unknowns and so far the State authorities have offered no satisfactory answer.

One hundred days after the execution of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes, it is necessary to reinforce the demand for justice! We demand to know who killed and who had our partner killed! What did those who wanted to keep her voice about?

Rio de Janeiro as postcard of the main contradictions

The murder of 14-year-old boy Marcos Vinícius da Silva, when he was going to school in the same favela in Maréle where Marielle was born, sheds light once again on the barbarism that millions of Rio residents are subjected to. police officer on Wednesday, 20, seeking to complete 23 arrest warrants, police used helicopters – the “flying skulls” – to fire random shots in the community. Residents counted hundreds of marks of shots on the ground. The family says the gunman said the shots came from police armor.

This new tragedy shows how the total ineffectiveness of Temer’s military intervention in his goal of containing the escalation of violence in Rio. On the contrary, the intervention insists on deepening state violence against a population oppressed by the state, by mafias and by organized crime , in a web that, in fact, gained public notoriety with the reconstruction of the CPI of the Milícias realized in the film “Tropa de Elite 2”.

Rio de Janeiro summarizes the bankruptcy of the New Republic. In this state, still governed by the gang of Sérgio Cabral, MDB, a reality is evident that is national: the symbiosis between state institutions, drug trafficking, militias and mafias, money laundering and political parties. The MDB of Rio is one of the guarantors of militias and mafias. In a context of great social polarization and economic crisis, violence in Brazilian cities submits millions of working families to daily terror, in a country where 65,000 people are killed every year. This is the most visible facet of the bankruptcy of Brazilian institutions. The bourgeois parties not only do not offer a way out of this social tragedy, but also take advantage of it to despair the people, to offer reactionary political exits that only reinforce their domination and to turn repression into a billion dollar business. No wonder, Temer announces yet another round of cuts in Health, Education and Culture to reinforce its “security fund”, intended not to bring peace to the peripheries of cities, but to create more business from the repression industry, at the same time that police live with lowered or delayed wages and the lack of equipment.

Let’s not shut up: Marielle is present!

After a hundred days of the execution of Marielle Franco, we repeat what Luciana Genro said in an article published weeks ago:

Marielle’s fight will not stop. It will remain alive in every human rights fighter and fighter and especially in the struggle of black women for visibility, dignity and rights. We demand justice for Marielle and we will continue demanding for her and for all the fighters persecuted and murdered for working to denounce the omission of the public power in guaranteeing a dignified life to the population.

It is time to join in the demonstration that will take place throughout the country in memory of Marielle and Anderson, demanding justice and honoring their legacy. We insist: who killed and who had Marielle killed?


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