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The bolsonarization of the amazonic left

In order to gain tv time and financial resources,the so called left partys have been manifesting support to Bolsonaro.

Last day of the party conventions to the brazilian elections of 2018. The outcome is dark. In Amazonas, in order to gain tv time and financial resources, the escalation of bolsonarization has been the tone in the so called left partys.

David Almeida, running for governor through PSB, tries to consolidate an alliance that reunites on the dispute for the Senate the bolsonarist Chico Preto and Praciano, from PT. In this case , the disputes in national scale reflect those that happen on their backyard: to suffocate and isolate the Ciro Gomes candidateship (PDT), PT’s and PSB’s royalty negotiated the neutrality of PSB in the presidential run and assured, still for PSB, support to the candidateships for governor in 4 states: Pernambuco, Paraíba, Amazonas and Amapá. In Amazon, we’ll have an alliance in wich one of the candidates to the senate, Chico Preto, said some days earlier: “I am sure I’ll vote for Jair Bolsonaro, he is the candidate that passes me the conviction of having a real commitment to face the troubles that brazil is facing…”. PT knows better than anyone where they can arrive with decision based on convictions, but still they choose to build an alliance that will make Praciano walk side by side with Chico Preto and David Almeida, who flirted with bolsonaro for sometime.

But, the bolsonarization of the amazonic left doesn’t occur only because of the tactical movements made by PT. In preparatory arrangements to the dispute for the government of the Amazon state, David Almeida aimed or has been a target of bolsonaro’s. Thats how it happened on a trip to Brasília on december 2017; that’s also how it happened when the candidate running for governor searched for a party that could lodge him and had the PSL’s doors opened for him, PSL is Bolsonaro’s party. In 2015 , when a debate in the state house of Amazonas about a legislative prize, proposed by Platiny Soares to Bolsonaro, David Almeida made an uncompromising defense of the honor to the federal depute. The exchange of compliments between them we’re insufficient reasons for that PCdoB and some of PSOL’s sectors weren’t inclined to support his candidateship. On the first PSOL’s Political Conference the state of Amazonas president of the party , invited David Almeida, ignoring the decisions making bodie of the party. In the Morro da Liberdade neighbourhood, on june 7 2018, when, in his residency David Almeida announced his pre candidatorrship, stood beside him PCdoB and PSOL. From PSOL’s presidency we heard the words “ we don’t have another way unless walk by your side”. Fortunately, in PCdoB and PSOL’s case, after the conventions, the alliance with political public people that explicitly support Bolsonaro was not confirmed.

Those that make, through the left, the exercise of bolsonarization will objectify observing that in politics that’s just the way it is, that in defense of bigger and more noble causes, on the way it is possible to make smaller deals, because deals are transitory. Anyways, such argument is extremely fragile. The ones who defend it aren’t capable of realising that the precarization on the age of neoliberalism is so deep that it lead the argumentation of political tactics to a depreciation to the entrepreneurship ethics.

And with this depreciated ethic, as stated by Judith Butler – in “Bodys in alliances and the politic to the streets”- walk hand in hand with cruelty, there is no horizon of emancipatory alternative to the amazon people. The cynical alliances that dangerously flirt with Bolsonaro reaffirm the Cruelty in Manaus streets: slaughter, drug trafficking, decapitated bodies, indigence and neglect.

The contraposition between the left’s of Amazonas to the bolonarization is the reaffirmation of an existence beyond the desert of the concrete that these times impose to us. We have to fight, resist, emancipate. Behind Bolsonaro goes only the ones that have already buried their post-capitalistic utopias. or never even heard of them.

It’s necessary to go beyond the political calculus that bets in a separation between the backstage politics and the concrete of life on the streets. In this separation, the backstage politics is marked by negotiation, alliances, arrangements, that controvert and deepen the precarious existence. That way, to suppose a support to Bolsonaro, or walk with politcal alliances with those who support him is to deny the streets and it’s fights; is to deny the outsourcing of work without rights, the misery salaries, the death of the black and poor youth, femicide, among other tragedies, it is reafirmg the destructibility of the “School Without Party” programm, the horror of Temer’s proposition for the national curriculum common base that suppress the debate about gender and sexual orientation, the political program of reducing public expenses and the privatization of national wealth and services, among so many other destructive policies.

On the political parties spectrum only the left can reconnect the streets and politics. The left can accelerate and deepen this separation. Urges critical position, radical, from the left sections of the so called left parties that disprove the exercises of bolsonarization.

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