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A socialist tide in the United States and another feminist tide in the world

The socialist tide in the most important country on the globe is no small thing. Not by chance, after many decades of silence, since the election of Ocasio Cortez the press has been talking about “new socialism”. If you look around the NY Times, there have been more than a dozen articles and columns on the subject. American television, like many other newspapers in the world. One of the most recent ones in the NY Times is entitled “The New Socialists”. As a result, the situation of the DSA (Democratic Socialist of America) has changed, an organization that was unknown to the American public at large. Now, since Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made mention of democratic socialism, they have broken that marginality in which they were. The NYT even gave space for two of its members to write; Jacobin Meagan Day journalist and director Bashkar Sunkara.

Their articles had to be commented on and criticized because they spoke that the socialism they were defending was not only about much-needed reforms (“Medicare for All”, “public education”, “minimum wage of $15 for hour”), but that to be effective and to combat inequality it had to go beyond the capitalist system.

Socialism is not a new phenomenon in the USA; it has a long tradition. But as the NYT says, it is true that there are “new socialists”. As we have already written many times on this page and now also in this bulletin (article by Charles Rosa) there is a new phenomenon. Socialist candidates from Our Revolution and the DSA contest elections in the Democratic primaries and some win; socialism is growing as an idea in mass sectors. A new socialist vanguard is being formed and this vanguard is becoming passionate about the working class and is becoming part of it, accompanying a revival of the strikes.

It is good to ask: why is socialism growing faster in the United States than in other countries? There are several answers, some of which are touched on in other articles and in particular the one we have already mentioned. But we want to draw attention to the fact that if it is true, it has many repercussions for all socialists. The United States is still the richest country on the planet, and there too is the greatest concentration of wealth. According to economist Dumenil, of the 100 or so families, corporations or banks that in one way or another dominate or concentrate the world’s wealth, 40% are Americans. It is the country with the most wealth to distribute and where there is also great inequality. Under socialism is this idea that it can be distributed. And this idea is made concrete in the above-mentioned demands.

It is a general idea that contains reformist policies and anti-capitalist programs; and that will remain so for some time to come. We know that in the period of structural crisis of capitalism these demands cannot be made without attacking big property and big monopolies. What is important for this new socialist vanguard is to hold firmly to those demands that are for action, while at the same time explaining the necessary measures against the big capitalists so that they can be effective. As Lenin said, to patiently educate the most advanced sector and to be intimately united with the working class in defending their demands.

This real socialism that is growing is also incompatible with the dominant structure of the Democratic Party. Just as there are no possibilities for stable and lasting reforms within capitalism, there are no possibilities for real socialist ideas in the Democratic Party.

Why is this growth of socialism together with the feminist tide the most important thing happening in the world? Because both are two processes that help to solve the enormous contradiction that we are experiencing; between the serious capitalist crisis and the great inequality with the subjective factor, that is, the delay in the consciousness of the masses. Socialism is discredited by the Stalinist experience and that in the top country of capitalism (“the USA”) it will grow, it will have repercussions in many other countries.

And on the other hand, the feminist tide is the most dynamic thing that is happening internationally, as shown by the articles we published and by the women who were in Argentina. As a comrade from Juntas said, “the Brazilian feminist movement can bring out the left that is in limbo”. And we add, it is shaking the world.

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