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All Suport To The Nicaraguan Resistance!

The stories of the comrades of the Nicaragua Solidarity Caravan that is traveling through Latin America – like the one that goes through Europe and North America-, speak for themselves. Here are the facts: Ortega remains in power with blood and fire; he murders, kidnaps, makes people disappear with his paramilitary groups and the army. We listened to the comrades for many hours. Ariana has eight fellow students in jail and now one more disappeared: Amaya Coppens. She is from the left, she is reclaiming for the left to support them. Yader is a brave young man who has his brother disappeared and who tells about other things, such as how Ortega’s paramilitary threatening his houses. Carolina is a peasant who has the courage of a few. For more than two years she has been fighting against the devastation caused by the mining companies and left the country leaving behind her three children. Who lies shamelessly is the regime. Something very common in authoritarian regimes. Ortega completes his work by taking his bureaucratic apparatus to the streets and manipulated fanatics thanks to the privileges that the regime gives them. It is quite like any military dictatorship we have had in our continent.

The popular insurrection that began four months ago was stopped with those methods and that repression, but it is not defeated. The struggle continues. A few days ago, there was a new popular mobilization that challenges the regime; the resistance continues and is organized. It continues in the form of mass resistance.


The conquests of the Sandinista revolution had already been lost in the 1990s with the bourgeois governments that emerged after the Contadora pact. But not all had died, there were certain democratic freedoms that, together with the historical consciousness built in the Sandinista revolution, allowed Ortega to return to power in 2006. Ortega returned to finish killing them with the army’s war tanks and the powerful weapons of the paramilitary militias. As the comrades of the solidarity caravan say, Ortega is like Somoza, an autocratic regime that uses the same means.

For this reason, there is an urgent and necessary task: to give all the support and solidarity to this resistance and to make a strong international fight against the Ortega regime.


There is a left that tries to justify Ortega under the argument that “Nicaragua is under the attack of imperialism. This left is directly and shamefully complicit in this murderer. One cannot speak of the defense of Sandinism because Ortega ceased to be one. He even formally changed because now this autocracy is called Murillo-Ortega and his family clan. And one cannot speak of confrontation with imperialism because this regime is well associated with international corporations and their dictates.

The left that does not condemn it, that abandons the struggle for democratic liberties, that does not denounce the atrocities committed, is opting for the policy that Maduro is already applying in Venezuela. Justifying the repression will lead them to distance themselves from the people who need to defend democratic flags against authoritarianism and sooner or later to follow that path.

The new Latin American left must to divide waters around Nicaragua. It will be strengthened in all countries by denouncing Ortega and his authoritarian methods. One can only raise a new left if one does not hesitate to be against all authoritarianisms, if one does not defend democratic freedoms, if one is against imperialism, neoliberalism, and for a socialism with democracy.


It is not the first time in history that a revolution has been betrayed and one of its leaders -or the most leader-, becomes its opposite and heads the thermidor or counterrevolution. The most tragic case was that of the socialist revolution in Russia with Stalin. It also happened (without being a socialist revolution) in Libya with Gaddafi and in other countries.

The case of Egypt is the closest and perhaps the most graphic lesson. There General Sissi was able to retake power and impose a strong blow on the Egyptian people for the absence of a radical democratic alternative that would become an option of power when the great popular mobilization opened a strong crisis in the government and was overthrowing the Islamist government of Mohamed Morsi.

Ortega is a degeneration like these dictatorships that emerged from a revolution and turned into counterrevolution, despite the interregnum that took place through the bourgeois governments. The difference with all of them is that it has not been able to defeat the mass movement.


If we continue comparing, we will see that the struggle in Nicaragua has just begun. The popular uprising and the subsequent repression have provoked a rupture of the masses with the regime. Ortega can only be maintained with more repression and more surrender of the country to imperialism and its corporations. (It is no coincidence that Ortega is now talking about interviewing Trump). And the more repression there will be, the more rupture and the more need to end his regime. And as the comrades of the Solidarity Caravan demonstrate, the struggle continues.


The internationalist left can play a very important role so that in Nicaragua it does not end up like Libya or Egypt. We have two commitments: to support with concrete internationalist solidarity to help stop Ortega’s crimes and to help the popular resistance so that it does not die and get stronger, and, on the other hand, to help build a democratic and radical alternative of power in Nicaragua for avoid what happened in Egypt.

The caravan of Ariana, Carolina and Yared, which was carried out thanks to the Nicaraguan comrades in exile, have presented us with concrete commitments that we have to assume:

To support and help the comrades who are abroad so that their network may be strengthened and become a strong rearguard for the internal resistance. Commit ourselves to build in each country and in Latin America an international network with parliamentarians, political personalities, artists, intellectuals. And to build a Latin American or international coordinator of the student movement that will be a direct help to the Nicaraguan Student Coordinator who has played a vanguard role in the fight against Ortega. These are some of the proposals that we transmit from Movement on the Left and the MES, the internal current of the PSOL. Let’s get to work!

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