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Left on The Move – Newsletter highlights the great triumph of Julia Salazar (backed by DSA) in NY. By an expressive margin, the young activist of 27 is practically the new socialist senator of the USA. To review this win, we selected an article from Ben Beckett and collected some statements from our DSA friends on their social networks.

Another important point of our Newsletter is the Caravan of Solidarity to Nicaragua that is traveling through South America in search of support for the popular struggle against the regime of Daniel Ortega. We transcribe the speeches of Ariana McGuire and Carolina Hernandez on their coming to Rio de Janeiro.

Other articles in this Newslatter address the discussion within PSOL to reaffirm its radical and anti-system profile in these elections, the referendum against corruption in Peru and the 45th anniversary of the tenebrous coup of September 11, 1973 in Chile.
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Editorial Board of Left On The Move – 09.14


The Movement Beat the Machine | Left On The Move, Meagan Day

Julia Salazar: Tonight’s victory is not about me. Tonight’s victory is about thousands of New Yorkers coming together and choosing to fight against rising rents and homelessness in our communities. Tonight’s victory is about the strength of our shared vision of democratic socialism. Tonight’s victory is about the hope we have of creating a New York for the many. Thank you to everyone who phone banked, canvassed, donated, and volunteered for this campaign. It means more than words can express.

We’re On A Winning Streak | Ben Beckett

Democratic socialist Julia Salazar defeated real-estate industry darling Martin Dilan, winning 59 percent of the vote to represent rapidly gentrifying working-class areas of North Brooklyn. Salazar will run unopposed in the general election, so barring anything unforeseen, she will be the next state senator for New York’s eighteenth district.

Race, Class and Socialist Estrategy | Jeremy Gong and Eric Blanc

Marxists have long understood that the workplace is the primary strategic site of class struggle, and that class struggle is essential for cohering a radicalized working-class majority with the capacity and will to overthrow capitalism in favor of socialism. At the same time, Marxists recognize our moral responsibility to oppose — and the strategic necessity to fight — all forms of exploitation and oppression.


All Suport To The Nicaraguan Resistance | Pedro Fuentes 

To support and help the comrades who are abroad so that their network may be strengthened and become a strong rearguard for the internal resistance. Commit ourselves to build in each country and in Latin America an international network with parliamentarians, political personalities, artists, intellectuals. And to build a Latin American or international coordinator of the student movement that will be a direct help to the Nicaraguan Student Coordinator who has played a vanguard role in the fight against Ortega. These are some of the proposals that we transmit from Movement on the Left and the MES, the internal current of the PSOL. Let’s get to work!

“Ortega hijacked the Sandinista imaginary and values of the popular revolution of 1979” | Ariana McGuire

We, as a caravan, are each a different movement, however, at the same time, we are part of a great articulation of social movements that is the way in which the Nicaraguan people are getting organized. Never as now have different social sectors united by a single struggle. Women, feminists, LGBT groups, students, peasants, Afro-Caribbean, indigenous groups, union groups, doctors, teachers, the Church, private enterprise… or rather, with certain sectors of the private initiative. We are all together, practicing an improvised form of democracy, where the processes are horizontal, where there is the participation of society, where there is a need to be heard and to propose projects.

“Our protests are criminalized, and our communities were militarized” | Carolina Hernandez

We are asking for international solidarity and the pronouncement of all. The three transnationals are of Canadian origin and many countries have commercial relations with them, believing that they “fulfill” their socio-environmental responsibilities. But they don’t fulfill anything! In Nicaragua, nobody respects our rights. That’s why we go to the streets to express our voice, because it’s the only way we have to protest. And the government represses with cruelty. It is a difficult situation for all Nicaraguans because repression is growing and murders are becoming more frequent.

History of the coup d’etat against Allende

45 Years After Pinochet’s Coup in Chile | Pedro Fuentes

We are in a new anniversary of the sad defeat of the Chilean process and the beginning of Pinochet’s bloody dictatorship in Chile. When the Chilean tragedy was coming in post-cordobazo Argentina we made a very numerous demonstrations asking for “arms for Chile carajo”. It’s just a memory. Now is the time to reflect on one of the various lessons of that defeat. Is not the same situation; unhappy we haven’t a government like Allende how to stop at that moment to the right and fascism. An issue that is topical in the face of the advance of totalitarianism and the pro-fascist right in the world and in Brazil.


The PSOL Vote is the necessary vote! | Israel Dutra

We need to build a left in Brazil that overcomes the experience of the PT, degenerated into a caste that repeats its old errors and its usual agreements with the bourgeoisie and with the most parasitic sectors of Brazilian politics, with whom it governed for 13 years without making the profound changes in the social structure that Brazil needs. We need a left that is deeply committed to struggles and democratic guidelines, such as those led by women, LGBTs and negritude – the same struggles to which our councilwoman Marielle Franco dedicated her life. The PSOL gives this example daily in the struggles and in the legislative spaces, always defending the interests of the people and of the social majority that struggles daily for their survival.


The Referendum Goes… But a Fith Question Is Needed | Tito Prado 

Fujimorismo does not want the anti-corruption referendum proposed by President Vizcarra as a response to the citizen indignation that demands that everyone leave! Keiko Fujimori, the Popular Force leader who still has a majority in Congress, says that political reform and justice reform “are not a priority”. This argument does not fit with the aggravated political crisis from the audios of shame that show how rotten justice is in Peru and the perverse relationship between judges, politicians and businessmen who put their mafia interests above all else.


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