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Left on The Move Newsletter – 09.28


Left On The Move highlights the Brazilian elections. Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian Trump, leads polls, while the women’s movement rejects the vote on the far right. The articles by Pedro Fuentes and Israel Dutra seek to understand the nature of this protofascist phenomenon arising in the middle of the crisis of the Brazilian political regime. On the frontline of #NotHim, the feminist collective Juntas calls on women around the world to speak out against the electoral triumph of obscurantism.

In the US, strengthening democratic socialism is the most consistent opposition to the Trump government. In this issue of the Newsletter, we shared the interview from Jovanka Beckles, DSA candidate to the California State Assembly, for Meagan Day.

In Tunisia, major mobilizations led by feminist organizations have taken place in recent weeks to demand full equality in the law, particularly with regard to the Tunisian Personal Status Code (CSP).

Left On The Move Editorial Board – 09.28


Stop Bolsonaro, the Brazilian Trump | Pedro Fuentes

The result of the elections will be important to solve some uncertainties. But in any case, win or lose Bolsonaro in the second round, this character and the movement that accompanies him will survive for quite as it does in all countries where authoritarian ideas grow. In Brazil, good conditions were created to face Bolsonaro. The spearhead of this democratic movement lies in the multitudinous demonstration called by the feminist movement that is gaining strength every day. In the second round, this democratic movement will mean the vote in Haddad; we must be part of this unity of action in defense of democracy without placing any confidence in the PT’s government’s ability to stop or defeat it. Permanent mobilization will continue to be our main weapon against proto-fascism.

Not Him! Answers On The Left Against The Ascension of Bolsonaro | Israel Dutra and Thiago Aguiar

The radical left must be part of this broad movement against Bolsonaro and the far right, combining two types of attitude: the broadest unity of action, with all kinds of action being decided and discussed democratically, even taking measures to defend against provocations and attacks ; on the other, do not lose your profile and program. For this, the PSOL’s militancy and the candidacies must maintain and deepen their activities.

#NotHim #NeverHim: Women will defeat Bolsonaro | Juntas

The events of Sept 29 could be the most decisive event for the confrontation of Bolsonaro and the project he represents. While the old left is concerned almost entirely in the pragmatic vote against him, we have the task to prove that the weight on the streets is decisive for Bolsonaro’s defeat.

Jair Bolsonaro, Candidate In Brazil, Faces Women’s Calls: #NotHim | The NY Times

A social media campaign called #EleNão — or #NotHim — is the most recent example of how women in Brazil are mobilizing against a politician who has publicly called women ignorant, too ugly to rape, or undeserving of the same salary as men. In one speech, Bolsonaro, who is the father of four sons and one daughter, called having a female child a “moment of weakness.” “Not him because he’s machista, not him because he’s homophobic, not him because he’s racist, not him because he’s a throwback for our democracy,” a popular Brazilian singer, Daniela Mercury, said in a video posted to Instagram over the weekend. She urged Brazilians to attend nationwide protests repudiating Mr. Bolsonaro on Saturday.

Jovancka Beckles

An Interview with Jovancka Beckles: “We Need A New Economy That Works For The Many” | Meagan Day

Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Julia Salazar, Beckles is a member of DSA, and her campaign is endorsed by the group locally and nationally. The contest between Beckles and Wicks is yet another round in the ongoing battle between democratic socialists and establishment Democrats who boast hefty donations from the mega-wealthy — and in turn protect the interests of private insurers, real estate developers, and school privatizers. Jacobin’s Meagan Day spoke to Beckles about squaring off with a multi-billion-dollar corporate giant, the California housing crisis, the necessity ofsingle-payer health care, the problem with charter schools, and themeaning of democratic socialism.

The feminism in Tunisia

The Long March of The Feminists | Ahlem Behladji

In Tunisia, major mobilizations led by feminist organizations have taken place in recent weeks to demand full equality in the law, particularly with regard to the Tunisian Personal Status Code (CSP). The CSP consists of a series of legal provisions governing marital relations between men and women and inheritance issues. The Swiss journal SolidaritéS spoke to Ahlem Belhadj, feminist activist and member of the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women).


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