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#NotHim #NeverHim: Women will defeat Bolsonaro

The result of the 2018 elections may still be unpredictable, but there is a qualitative factor in the current scenario: the strength of Bolsonaro. It was a doubt that bolsonarismo could survive a dispute with powerful electoral machines, but the last few weeks suggest something more: Bolsonaro consolidates as a leader of the extreme right, with a significant weight in the masses, with the support of bourgeois sectors and insertion in layers of the working class. A leader who connects a reactionary political agenda (with a liberal economic program) fueled by irrationality, hatred and revolt of middle class and popular sectors in face of the acute economic, political and social crisis of the country. By the way, a crisis whose responsability rely on the establishment parties, especially PT. Therefore, the rise of Bolsonaro is a fact which worries broad democratic sectors. Immediate reactions emerge as an answer to this phenomenon, one of which on the streets, where the feminist movement is playing a very important role.

For some years now, Juntas has been sharpening the analysis about the force that the feminist movement has gained. More than the political conciousness of patriarchate’s daily oppression, we have observed the strong political character of the organization of women all over the world. Feminism has been the leading force of important processes such as the fall of Eduardo Cunha, the opposition to the Temer’s reforms (March 8th 2017 preceded the General Strike against Pension Reform ), Spain’s women strike, the uprising against Trump in the United States and the multitudinous mobilization of Argentines for the legalization of abortion.

Now, in the midst of a problematic electoral scenarium in which a proto-fascist candidate leads the polls, women once again emerge as a fundamental political subject. Bolsonaro finds his main obstacle among feminine electors. Since the knife attack he suffered, in face of the possibility of the growth of his campaign, millions of women were summoned for the task of defeating him. A Facebook group called “Women united against Bolsonaro” was created, which took gigantic proportions in less than a week, beating 3 million women. We also had the explosion of the video of our São Paulo city council Sâmia Bomfim, which has already reached the mark of more than 6 million displays and 132 thousand compartments. As a result of this virtual force, dozens of demonstrations were spontaneously summoned all around the country amd the world. Our summoning banner has been shared by tens of thousands of Facebook users.

The feminist militancy has a central task in these next few days: to participate actively in the construction of the women’s demonstrations against Bolsonaro and to have an exemplary intervention in each city where we actuate. In some places, such as São Paulo, there is an attempt to capture this movement, which is so alive and spontaneous. Sectors are moving to turn the movement of women against Bolsonaro into bureaucratized spaces with large trucks and platforms for their candidates. Right wing itself has been mobilized to take advantage of this political phenomenon. We have to fight these attempts to bureaucratization and dispute so that the spontaneous and genuine character of this movement remains, and that the fight against Bolsonaro has consequences and is not closed on the 29th.

The events of Sept 29 could be the most decisive event for the confrontation of Bolsonaro and the project he represents. While the old left is concerned almost entirely in the pragmatic vote against him, we have the task to prove that the weight on the streets is decisive for Bolsonaro’s defeat.

We also believe that the fight against extreme right will remain a task after the electoral process, for which the feminist movement will continue to have gigantic importance. As well as in 2013 with the youth, at this moment countless women (young or not so young) are seeking a way to contribute more decisively in the fight against Bolsonaro. Multiplying our strength in this period is a need and a possibility, we cannot miss this opportunity. The strength of women’s movement is at the risk of being transitory or provisional if organizations that give it a sense of permanence are not taken into account. For this reason, we bet on its massification and the Juntas will act decisively so that this movement does not end on October 7th.

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