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The PSOL Vote Is The Necessary Vote!

Last Friday, September 6, the electoral campaign took an unexpected turn with the knife attack against Bolsonaro, an unfortunate episode that resulted in a large exposure of the candidate and greater political polarization, consolidating a candidacy that already showed strength, as an expression of the deep political, economic and social crisis in Brazil. Bolsonaro is a kind of Brazilian Trump, reflecting a global phenomenon that leads a sector of the population to look for a strong leader. Its consolidation also occurs because there is a fraction of the bourgeoisie that supports it, satisfied with its program of radical cuts to the workers and at the service of the big bankers.

The profound consequences of the fact begin to appear, with the new round of polls that place Bolsonaro as leader with double the voting intentions of the platoon of the second placed. However, despite the position conquered, which redoubled the initiative of his campaign in the networks and in the streets, the election continues to be marked by enormous unpredictability. The big events are almost daily: the announcement of the substitution of Lula by Haddad; the prison of former governor Beto Richa in Paraná; the investigation of Reinaldo Azambuja, another PSDB governor in Mato Grosso do Sul, not to mention the fluctuations of the dollar as a symptom of the economic and political crisis… In short, the hypothesis of new turns and unpublished deployments during the electoral campaign cannot be dismissed.

As a collateral effect of the diffusion of the new pool, with the real danger of Bolsonaro being in the second round, the expression of the so-called “useful vote” gained strength. Even inside the PSOL this debate gained weight with the declaration of Jean Wyllys in the social networks in favor of the presidential candidate of PT Fernando Haddad. Beyond the individualistic gesture of Wyllys, who presents a policy that liquidates the PSOL in the general dispute while thousands of militants of the PSOL are thrown into the dispute in the whole country, there is a sincere doubt in several activists about the useful vote. It is necessary to debate with these comrades that, if we follow the position of Jean Wyllys, we will end up losing the political accumulation built by the PSOL in its long struggle, begun since the PT betrayal. We cannot forget that, if the extreme right has been strengthened, it is also due to the regression in the consciousness of the masses lived during the governments of the PT. For 13 years governing, the PT did not question the amnesty law to judge torturers and murderers of the dictatorship; it did not fight the oligopoly of corporate media; it did not modify the security policy, which imprisons and kills thousands of young people in the poor communities of Brazil and impotently witnessed the emergence of organized crime; it did not promote any reforms in the judicial system, in the unjust fiscal policy and in the high concentration of land.

As a result, in the face of the deep crisis of recent years, we see the real growth of the extreme-right candidacy, in an uncertain and close dispute. In the face of doubts and insecurity in discussion circles, our role, as militants, is to dialogue, marking and strengthening an alternative path.

We want to affirm that this is not the time for hesitation, but rather for an intense political struggle to maintain the PSOL as an alternative to the global crisis of Brazilian capitalism, which will not be resolved either by the extreme right or by false progressives.

How to impede the growth of the extreme-right?

The extreme-right fights a cultural battle to fill the void left by the crisis of the regime, affirming a regressive, authoritarian and oppressive project, with the plan of Bolsonaro, Mourão and Paulo Guedes to carry out a war against the people. In that battle, these characters seek to bring indignation and apathy to the side of their privatize, anti-worker and prejudiced proposals.

In front of the provocations and attacks of the extreme-right, the women are giving a great example! Not only because of its broad rejection of Bolsonaro as measured by the investigations: there is already a national women’s movement in gestation against the misogynist candidacy of Bolsonaro and Mourão. In a few days, but out of a million women gathered in a mobilization group against Bolsonaro and a great mobilization is already being articulated on September 29 in São Paulo, in a call that is beginning to spread throughout Brazil and should reach dozens of cities.

This is the way: only a broad popular mobilization – repudiating individual violence, for the rights of workers, the people and the youth – will defeat Bolsonaro and his ideas. It is not possible to strategically defeat the extreme-right if we do not affirm an anti-capitalist alternative. In a two-shift election, there is a great opportunity to affirm this alternative in the first shift: to affirm or PSOL its trajectory and its political accumulation, to affirm the candidacy of Guilherme Boulos and Sônia Guajajara. In turn, in case Bolsonaro is still in the dispute, we can and should have an open struggle against him, in which we can have a result the more force we accumulated in the previous period. That is why we continue to fight for a consequent and necessary left. We continue to fight for the 50th vote!

We need to build a left in Brazil that overcomes the experience of the PT, degenerated into a caste that repeats its old errors and its usual agreements with the bourgeoisie and with the most parasitic sectors of Brazilian politics, with whom it governed for 13 years without making the profound changes in the social structure that Brazil needs. We need a left that is deeply committed to struggles and democratic guidelines, such as those led by women, LGBTs and negritude – the same struggles to which our councilwoman Marielle Franco dedicated her life. The PSOL gives this example daily in the struggles and in the legislative spaces, always defending the interests of the people and of the social majority that struggles daily for their survival.

For all this, in the 2018 election, we are with Boulos, Sônia and our candidates to the state governors to face the candidacies of the system. Our country needs to be turned the other way around: it is time to fight to tax the rich, revoke PEC from the spending ceiling, face the bleeding of the debt, reduce interest rates and organize a war against those truly responsible for the tragedy we are living: the banks and financial capital, which profit from the suffering of our people. We continue in the streets and corners of every city and of the countryside, fighting with our leaders, candidates and militants, to broaden the audience of our program and widen our benches of left-wing deputies! It’s time to vote 50!


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