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This issue of the Left on the Move Newsletter is dedicated to the elections in Brazil that take place during this October. In the first round (10/ 07), the polls showed what we have been pointing out in our articles in recent months: the population reacted to the deep crisis of the regime. Through extensive congressional renewal, Jair Bolsonaro’s ultra-rightist party emerged with much strength. Its counterpoint to the left was the historic vote for young feminist deputies who helped the PSOL to survive prescription laws.

In the article we highlight, Pedro Fuentes and Israel Dutra analyze in detail the first round results and point to the possibilities of defeating Jair Bolsonaro (PSL). We also attach here an article from Folha that portrays the strengthening of feminist groups in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Assemblies. Directly from Peru, we also translated an interview of Verónika Mendoza to the portal The Clinic, in which the mouthpiece of the Movimiento Nuevo Peru alerts to the threats to the continent that a possible victory of Bolsonaro in Brazil represents. Besides these, there is also an International Manifesto against the far right in Brazil, formulated by MEPs. Finally, from the USA, Meagan Day examines Bernie Sanders’ latest formulations and internationalist movements.

An excellent read to everyone and see you on the next issue!


Left On The Move Editorial Board – 10.20

Elections in Brazil


Bolsonaro’s Growth And How To Stop Him | Israel Dutra and Pedro Fuentes

The PSOL is placing its force and that of its parliamentarians in that struggle, mobilizing grassroots committees against Bolsonaro and in defense of democracy. The women’s movement, which was the vanguard in the fight against Bolsonaro in the first round, already called a new national date of mobilizations for 10/20. In addition to this more centralized initiative, new campaign initiatives are being stimulated by “#EleNão” and by vote 13 against Bolsonaro.


International Declaration Against Fascism| Members of the European Parliament

In the second round of the election, the people of Brazil will be making a choice of paramount importance, between liberty and pluralism and retrograde authoritarianism, with a lasting impact, not only for Brazil but also for Latin America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. We call on Brazilians to reflect on the gravity of this pivotal moment in history. There can be no neutrality in the choice between democracy and fascism!


Feminist Bench Grows and Promises To Oppose Conservatives | Folha de São Paulo

Sâmia, elected from the state of São Paulo, promises her office will be one of confrontation. “[The election of feminists] doesn’t mean that women will be debating feminist themes alone, but that there will a posture of not lowering our heads, of conflict, of debate”, she told Folha. Elected councilwoman in São Paulo in 2016, Sâmia, 29, had her ballot count multiplied twenty times. She credits the strengthening of feminist campaigns to the street demonstrations in defense of gender issues and to the will of the Brazilians to elect women who would represent a counterpoint to Bolsonaro.


Bernie’s New Internationalist Vision  | Meagan Day

Sanders’s speech yesterday, titled “Building a Global Democratic Movement to Counter Authoritarianism” and adapted from an editorial he wrote in the Guardian last month, was a yardstick measuring his progress in this task to date. In it, he spelled out a dual opposition to authoritarianism and oligarchy. Sanders emphasized throughout his speech that economic inequality and wealth concentration are corrosive to democracy, and in turn to civil rights — a refrain we’ve heard from him many times in the domestic context. We must develop a global movement against unaccountable state and corporate power, which are mutually reinforcing, he said.


“We Cannot Allow A Sexist, Racist, Homophobic Defender of The Dictatorship Like Bolsonaro To Govern Brazil” | Verónika Mendoza

We cannot allow a conservative fanatic, a defender of the dictatorship, a sexist, racist, homophobic authoritarian like Bolsonaro to govern Brazil. His first round ballot count is a warning sign for Latin America. The democratic, progressive and left-wing sectors must leave our principled arrogance behind us and listen to the people. There is a legitimate demand for order, for peace, for security, that characters like Bolsonaro channel towards authoritarian and conservative answers, appealing to hate and fear. We must listen and meet these demands, not disdain them as we often do, and channel them towards democratic and transformative answers, appealing to love and hope.


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