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Not Him! Dictatorship never again! Defeat Bolsonaro in the ballots and on the streets!

Tradução: Clara Baeder

The Movimento Esquerda Socialista, an internal current of the PSOL, converts all its forces and its political and social accumulation, in this second round, to the task of defeating Bolsonaro and sweeping away the proto-fascism that is currently in development in Brazil, voting for Haddad 13.

Our current has absolute independence from the PT, a party that we do not support. However, the motives for stopping Bolsonaro override any other. We highlight, among them:

– Bolsonaro defends the establishment of a dictatorship against the people in Brazil. For obvious reasons, he does not admit this in his campaign, but there are many statements to that effect in his history and in that of his vice-president.

– Bolsonaro has an economic program to sell Brazil and destroy workers’ rights. Although he pretends to hoist the flag of nationalism, Bolsonaro wants to sell the country to imperialism and approve measures such as the Pension Reform, the end of the 13th salary and the end of vacations and other atrocities. Its Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, who lived longer in the United States than in Brazil, says he intends to privatize all state and public services. His vice-president, General Mourão, wants to put an end to the 13th salary and to the additional vacations of the workers. As a congressman, Bolsonaro has already voted against the Housemaids Law, while voting in favor of Labor Reform;

– Bolsonaro is the continuity of corruption, combined with violence. As a congressman, Bolsonaro never fought against the privileges of the political caste. He has already declared his admiration for Eduardo Cunha, the country’s greatest gangster. Now, at their base of sustenance, all the old corrupt politicians who have always been interested in continuing to rob Brazilians are uniting, but this time through an authoritarian political regime in which they have the power to kill and silence their opponents;

– Bolsonaro is an increase in violence and insecurity in the favelas and peripheries. With the support of those who celebrate the death of Marielle Franco and of the sectors most suspected of having committed her murder, Bolsonaro’s project does not really intend to solve the serious problem of insecurity in the country, but rather to generalize violence, insecurity and the massacre of the poor people and workers by the State’s repressive apparatuses and by its ramifications in the militias and mafias.

We also emphasize the importance of going out on the streets and promoting new mass rallies such as those of September 29. For us, the women and the democratic segments of the working class have been the vanguard of this process of struggle.

All the militancy of the MES/PSOL is oriented to be part and promote initiatives and articulations to defeat Bolsonaro in the neighborhoods, factories, workplaces, universities, schools, parliaments and also in the social networks. Our nationally elected deputies, Fernanda Melchionna and Sâmia Bomfim, and our state benches, such as Luciana Genro and Sandro Pimentel, will act in the same way. We want to multiply committee building throughout the country and at the grassroots level and participate in all united front initiatives. The dispute for the base, knocking on the door of the Brazilians’ houses, disputing Whatsapp groups, building self-organized committees: this is the chance of our victory!

– Not him!

– Dictatorship never again!

– Bolsonaro wants to sell the country and destroy our rights!

– Bolsonaro means more violence and corruption

– In the second round, vote 13.

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